As an avid hunter, there are a few vital pieces of gear that I ensure to bring with me each and every time I go into the woods. At the very top of the list is my ThermaCELL. The ThermaCELL is a simple, but very effective way to repel mosquitoes during your hunting or camping adventure. The days of applying and reapplying lotions and sprays are over. A ThermaCELL succeeds where other repellents have failed. The key to the success is the long term, consistent output of bug repelling vapor and scent. A traditional spray repellent dissipates very quickly which means inconsistent results and the need for multiple applications.

How the ThermaCELL works

ThermaCELL uses patented technology to dispense a small amount of repellent into the air. The secret is a small butane cartridge which provides the heat necessary to operate the gadget. The heat produced is directed to a metal grill. A pad saturated with Allethrin is heated on the metal grill and emits a vapor. Allethrin is a synthesized version of the naturally occurring insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers. As the pad is heated, it generates a puff of vapor and odor that is subtle but effective. ThermaCELL claims that the vapor creates 15 x 15 ft (225 sq ft) "Mosquito-Free-Zone", but I have found the area to be a bit smaller. I am not sure how the company can claim it is "98% effective", but it definitely works. When used as directed by the manufacturer, the vapor is not irritating and will not harm humans or animals.


In addition to mosquitos, the product also repels black flies, no-see ums, sand flies, and other flying biting insects.

The ThermaCELL is compact, cordless and portable. Batteries are not needed and it is completely portable.

DEET free and odor free. DEET is a very common and effective insect repellent but can cause irritation to the skin. DEET can also damage some fabrics.

Silent. No motors or fans to draw attention to you.

Tested and approved by the U.S. Army. Currently used in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan.

One bottle of butane will last for 6 hours, each pad will last approximately 2 hours.

New Earth Scent

A new innovation from ThermaCELL is the new Earth Scent version of the pads. The new pads use the same highly effective mosquito repellent but also emit the smell of musky dirt and decaying leaves. This scent is designed to mask human odors so hunters can get even closer to their prey without being detected.

Earth Scent mats work in all ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent products. The unit operates on a single butane cartridge, which heats a mat releasing allethrin, an insect repellent that is a synthetic copy of a natural insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers. Each butane cartridge will operate the unit for 12 hours.