Mosquitoes are not just an annoyance; they can carry harmful diseases in their bodies which can transfer to humans and animals. Mosquitoes use a very fine needle to suck blood from our bodies, numbing our bodies with a special fluid to avoid detection. This fluid causes us to itch afterward. Mosquitoes use the CO2 generated from our breath to target us. Certain repellant systems can make the areas around our bodies unpleasant for mosquitoes, causing them to leave the area and seek out new hosts. One of these systems is called the ThermaCell Mosquito Repellant system. This mosquito repellant is highly effective and portable, able to be carried along on trips, put on your patio or taken to the campsite. ThermaCell

The ThermaCell system is powered by disposable butane gas cartridges. The device burns the gas in these cartridges and emits the fumes into the air around the user. The burned gas is completely odorless and harmless to humans, but exceedingly unpleasant for mosquitoes. The bugs sense that the area around the ThermaCell system is "off-limits", and they proceed somewhere else. It not only repels mosquitoes, but other bugs too like noseeums and black flies. This system eliminates the need for people to wear smelly repellant.

When activated, the ThermaCell mosquito control system protects an area up to 225 square feet in size. Basically, you have your own invisible room outdoors where mosquitoes do not tread. No batteries or power supplies of any kind are required for operation, simply push a button to activate. This system has been proven to be up to 98 percent effective in deterring these pests from biting hosts while activated. It has been tested by the United States Army with excellent results. No other system offers the portability and no-hassle use like the ThermaCell does. Their butane cartridges are inexpensive and are readily available online. The ThremaCell system is different than mosquito killers in that it repels and not kills.