A good pair of thermal socks is the quick and easy way to bring comfort and better health to cold feet. Although warm winter socks are nothing new, you can get the best performance and warmer tootsies out of selecting the right pair of socks based on both preferred style and your activities.

Men's Thermal Socks

Men's Thermal Socks come in a variety of styles from low-cut, quarter and mid calf styles to just below the knee. The most popular brands of thermal socks for men are Wigwam, Carhartt, Fox River and Stormcloth.

Choose socks made of wool, merino wool, or synthetic wool blends to maximize the performance of your thermals.

Ladies Thermal Socks

Ladies thermal socks also come in several styles from low-cut, quarter and mid calf styles to just below the knee. While the selection of brands for women's thermal socks is fewer than for the guys, popular brands are Wigwam, Smartwool and JB Expedition.

For the highest performance and warmest socks, select a product made from either wool or synthetic wool blends.

Kids Thermal Socks

Kid's thermal socks are just as necessary as for the adults. Wigwam Jr. is the brand of choice for thermal socks for kids. They offer a full line of warm outdoor boot socks and have the best performance we have seen so far. Their wool and synthetic blended boot sock holds up well to many uses while maintaining its shape and warmth.

Selecting The Best Sock for Your Activities

If you are planning on outdoor activities for extended periods of time in either cold weather or extreme conditions, you will probably benefit from either a below the knee or calf height sock. These two styles offer additional warmth and protection for your ankles and a portion of the lower leg. Wool, wool blends or synthetic wool is a good choice to help protect from the cold.

For hiking and backpacking, a pair of Smartwool socks with a liner will help to keep your feet dry and comfortable while wicking away the moisture from your foot. Good socks are essential to prevent blisters and foot disorders during extended activity and strenuous exercise. Stay with either wool blends or a good synthetic wool.

For home use, a toasty pair of bed socks can be made from a lighter fabrica such as an acrylic, fleece, light-weight alpaca fleece, light-weight merino wool or light-weight wool blend fabrics. You will not need the thickness of a thermal sport sock for indoor use, but will likely get a great deal of both warmth and comfort from a fuzzy pair of cuddly slipper socks.

Whatever your activity, thermal socks make for happier feet and a healthier you. To get the best performance out of your warm winter socks, select a pair that best meets your needs based on your activities while considering your own style choices.