If your kitty loves looking out the window or sitting on the sill, then using a thermo kitty sill heated cat window seat is the ultimate in luxury for your cat!

Not only can your cat sit comfortable on this padded seat, but it is also heated with a dual heating unit buried deep within the orthopaedic foam.  Making this perfect for that older cat that may be having problems with their joints, or simply any cat that loves heat!

Thermo Kitty Sill Heated Cat Window SeatCredit: Amazon.com

Thermo Kitty Sill - Dual Thermostat Heating Unit

Most cats will find that one spot of hot sunshine on the floor and lay right there, so it is only natural that they will migrate towards heat especially in those long cold winters or cool summer nights.  My cat used to actually sit on a floor heating register and absorb the heat instead of the room getting it!

This thermo kitty heated window seat is also very easy to install, and cats just love it.  If you have an older cat, or one that tries to balance on the tiny window sill and scratches the wall trying to stay there (such as my cat does!) then installing a window seat would be the perfect solution as they love to look outside, especially if they are an indoor cat.

Many cats just like to be off the ground and older cats are not always that thrilled with cat trees, so if your cat loves the window, and loves to be warm they will love the soft coverings of this cat window seat.

The heating unit is pre-set to keep the cushion approximately 12-15 degrees above the ambient air temperature and can warm up to 102 degrees F when kitty is sleeping on it!  The ultimate in warmth for your kitty.

Your cat doesn’t have to feel the cold anymore in those stiff joints, they now have a warm place to perch and sleep or simply “be” for hours.

This unit can actually be attached with Velcro which is good if you are renting your space, or it also comes with screws so that you can make it more permanent.

The seat is a nice oval shape and it can easily be removed if you move or want it at a different window.  As you can see by the picture, your cat will be totally comfy on this thermo kitty sill heated cat window seat instead of the back of your couch or picking at your pillows to get comfy.

So, if you kept a stool by the window so your cat could look outside and rule his domain then using a heated kitty window seat would be a great gift for him this year.

You can get these in large pet supply stores, but you can also get lots of cat supplies and other pet supplies and furniture online at sites such as Amazon.  Shopping online is a great way to find products you don’t always see in physical stores, and you can compare prices and have them shipped right to your door.   You can hear your cat purring right now!

Treat Your Cat to the Thermo Kitty Sill

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