Thermophore Heating Pad

Using the Thermophore heating pad for heat therapy:

Heat therapy or thermotherapy as it is sometimes called, is a method of treating and managing pain in the lower back, arthritis, headaches, or otherwise stiff and painful joints. The application of a heat source the a Thermophore heating pad to a localized area will cause the blood vessels to dilate. Dilated blood vessels cause perfusion in the area, meaning the delivery of blood and therefore nutrients to the area are increased.

Additionally, most muscle pain whether it be in the back or the neck, is caused from muscle strain or exertion causing tension in the affected area. Tension constricts blood circulation to the area causing pain. By applying a localized heat source, you ease tension in the muscle allowing for increased blood flow which not only reduced pain immediately, but also helps your body fix the problem naturally more quickly. A heating source can be one of many things such as hot water heating bags, microwavable heating pads, warm cloths, chemical heating sources, and electric heating pads.

Electric heating pad benefits

Electric heating sources like the Thermophore heat pad are the most popular method of treating muscle tension and pain. Unlike many heat source alternatives, Thermophore heat pads are portable, consistent, and reusable. Additionally, they are easily adjustable to the perfect temperature for pain relief (165-180 degrees Fahrenheit). Unlike hot water bags or microwavable heating pads, electric heat pads don't decrease in temperature over time.

The Thermophore heating pad is much more convenient than other heating elements as well. Consider the hassle of locating a microwave while traveling, if you pack your heat pad in your suitcase. Electric heating pads can be used anywhere there is electricity, not wherever there is a microwave or stove top to heat up water.

Moist Heat Therapy

The best way to apply heat to an area on your body that is in pain is using "moist heat therapy." Because water is a much more efficient conductor of heat than air, apply a layer of water between your heat source and your body will make the treatment more effective and faster. Many electric heating pads in the market offer rubberized waterproof seals on their pads so you can safely apply a wet cloth in between your self and the electricity. However, Thermophore heating pads have taken moist heat therapy to a whole new level.

With a Thermophore automatic moist heating pad, there is no need to add water to your pad to experience the benefits of moist heat therapy. Thermophore heat pads pull moisture from the humidity in the air apply it directly to your skin automatically. For the most convenient, and effective relief, Thermophore heat pads can't be matched. There are other benefits electric heat pads offer such as automatic shut of switches. The optimal treatment of moist heat therapy lasts about 20 minutes at 165 degrees.

Thermophore heating pads are available in over 10 different sizes and styles for a proper fit of your area of pain. Don't be fooled by imitators, Thermophore offers the best and most innovative features in heat pad technology.