Thermotex Infrared Heating Pad

Using the Thermotex infrared heating pad for heat therapy:

Heat therapy is a method of treatment which uses a locally applied heat source such as a hot water bag, or heating pad to alleviate pain, stiffness, tension, arthritis, and even headaches. Sometimes referred to as thermotherapy, heat therapy causes the blood vessels of the affected area to dilate resulting in a bodily function known as perfusion, or the increase of blood flow. Increased blood flow reduces pain from muscle tension for two reasons. First, the blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the pain zone giving the damaged area everything it requires for a quick repair. Secondly, dilated vessels allow the pain zone to discard of damaged cells into the blood stream to be filtered out by the appropriate organs.

Types of heating pads:

There are a number of heat sources, like the Thermotex infrared heating pad, you can use to get results with heat therapy. In the simplest form, a hot rag or towel applied to a painful area can provide some relief. With direct contact to the skin and the moisture in towel you actually use a form of moist heat therapy. Since water is a much better conductor of heat than air, the results of moist heat therapy can be promising. However, using any sort of heating pad that requires hot water, like a towel or hot water bag, or the microwave like some rice heating pads, you are guaranteed to need reheat in order to achieve appropriate amounts of therapy. In addition to it being extremely inconvenient to keep reheating water or microwaving your heating pad, you also don't have any way to control a consistent tempurature.

We can conclude, then, that electric heating pads such as the Thermophore Heating Pad are more effective for a few reasons. Primarily, electric heaters are beneficial because they provide consistent accurate temperature readings. They don't require reheating, heating water, or the use of a microwave. Secondly, electric heaters are portable and reusable unlike some chemical heating pads which get thrown out after mixing the two chemicals to create heat.

There are two types of electric heaters available. The first is a traditional heating pad which uses electricity to generate heat within the pad, which is then transferred to your body. The second, more effective portable heating pad uses state of the art infrared technology, like the Thermotex infrared heating pad to heat the skin itself providing relief from deep tissue pain.

Infrared heating pad benefits:

While the principals of heat therapy are the same, Thermotex infrared heating pads provide a far superior treatment because of the depth at which they are able to penetrate the skin. Using traditional moist heat therapy, a heating pad will reach about 2-3 millimeters into the skin. The depth is adequate to receive relief of pain and tension, but for deep tissue chronic pain it proves ineffective. Infrared heating pads are able to penetrate over 2 inches or about 6mm. For the most powerful healing, using a Thermotex infrared heating pad will penetrate almost twice as deep into muscle tissue.

How infrared heating pads work:

Unlike traditional heating pads, infrared heating pads use electromagnetic radiant heat which does not require a medium to pass through to the skin. Our body receives the infrared frequency signal similar to the way our bodies feel warmth from the sun. Infrared heat is simply a source of light that is below the visible spectrum of our eyes. Infrared heat is not ultraviolet and therefore not harmful to the skin or body.

If you are experiencing any sort of muscle pain or tension due to a strain or over exertion an infrared heating pad can relieve pain immediately, and heal your body more quickly.