Many people are unaware that these fashion accessories even exist! Although neck tie blouses have risen in popularity over the last while, they have still managed to fly under the radar in terms of mass selling. Neckties were released many years ago as an accessory to men’s dress shirts; however, they were always thought of as being men’s fashion accessories regardless of how much of a gender equality movement was dominating our culture. Neck tie blouses were released as a small way to equalize the playing field in terms of gender specific fashion accessories, and have gained in popularity since then. This article is designed to describe the absolute best brands and models in terms of these types of clothing, so that you can make a great purchase when the time comes that you are ready.

Lyn Devon Black Neck Tie Blouses Will Match Every Colored ShirtVince Camuto Sleeveless Neck Tie BlouseCredit:

Absolutely everybody knows that black, white, and silver colored fashion accessories match any color that you decide to pair them with. They follow the primary rule of fashion of neutral colors matching any other colors that you decide to wear. You should definitely take a look at the Lyn Devon black neck tie blouses if your budget allows for a purchase of this size, because they will look classy, and match any colored pair of pants that you decide to wear. Purchasing a red blouse may seem like a great idea when you are planning on wearing it with a pair of orange pants; however, what happens when you want to wear that pair of green tights that you own?

White Antonio Croce Silk Neck Tie Blouses Are Quite Expensive, But Will Allow You To Look Very CleanVince Camuto Long Sleeve Neck Tie BlouseCredit:

Some people live by the designer brands that they wear, and other people have made a decision to never pay for simply wearing a designer pattern. There are quite a few white Antonio Croce silk neck tie blouses that are available for purchase; however, it must be noted that they are quite expensive and will easily cost you a few hundred dollars. The quality of the silk that they use is simply phenomenal, and they place extra emphasis on their hemming so that your $500 won’t go to waste in 2 years when the seams start to come undone.

Unfortunately Neck Tie Blouses Are Only Meant For Women-They Are Not Unisexual

The original reason that these fashion accessories were created was because they would be the equivalent of neckties in regards to women; however, there was a flaw to their design. Neckties were mainly meant for men, but could be worn by women; whereas, neck tie blouses are only meant to be worn by, and are designed for women. Realistically, this ended up giving women another +1 in regards to fashion accessories because it gave them something that could not be worn by us due to the smaller sizes, and extremely feminine design. I don’t mind, because I really have no desire to wear any of these types of blouses; however, other men may not be so forgiving to the fact.Anne Klein Neck Tie BlouseCredit:

Carolina Herrera Offers A Few Neck Tie Blouses With A Pattern For Decent Prices

Patterned fashion accessories definitely look good when paired with plain styled pants and shirts; however, look absolutely horrible when paired with anything else that has a pattern. You should definitely check out Carolina Herrera neck tie blouses with a pattern if you desire any of the products of this sort. They basically take the style that is offered with men’s patterned neck ties, and allow them to be portrayed in women’s blouses. In addition to their great style, Carolina Herrera blouses are offered at great prices, and can be deemed as being affordable by many people.

You Should Check Out The Women`s Escada Models If You Are Looking For Some Neck Tie Blouses That Are White

Although white fashion accessories match every other color that you pair them up with, they also get dirty very quickly, and the small stains have a tendency to show up much easier due to the color contrast. I cannot count the amount of times that I have been at a formal dinner, and have wished that I would have worn a black dress shirt because the stains of the pasta sauce have shown up so easily on my white dress shirt. However, you should take a look at women’s Escada models of beck tie blouses if you are looking for ones that are white.

These neck ties blouses were introduced to the fashion industry as a great attempt to even out the playing field by offering women the equivalent of neck ties and bow ties; however, they managed to give the women’s fashion industry a +1 in the game. There are a ton of brands and models to choose from, but you should definitely keep the ones that are listed in this article at the front of your mind as they will offer the best prices for the quality that you are receiving, and durable products that will last for a while!