When people think of popular designer brands, the names of Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, and Gucci almost automatically come to their mind; however, most of those people have never even heard of Brioni ties before reading the title of this article. This is rather unfortunate because Brioni has one of the widest selections of high end designer ties to be available on the market. Most of the popular designer brands such as the ones that are featured above brand their ties with their logo and overcharge the customer by a substantial amount, but Brioni ties are made with high quality material, and are offered at an affordable price. They also provide the consumer with a classy look because they rarely place their logo on the face of the tie, and simply offer great looking ties for affordable prices.

The Silk Mixed Stripe Brioni Ties Are About $200, But Well Worth The MoneyScott Allan Black Tie With Blue StripesCredit: Amazon.com

Anybody that looks at a tie that has a price tag that is around $200 will automatically begin to think that they are being overcharged; however, the price tag on the silk mixed stripe Brioni ties is entirely justified by the enhanced quality of the material and the design. The material on many lower end ties will end up coming apart after a few years because the stitching was done by a not-so-good machine; however, the designers at Brioni know that this is a major problem in consumers’ eyes, and have made up for this by using stronger stitching methods and stronger types of threads.

Silk Tonal Paisley Brioni Ties Will Allow You To Look Classy100% Silk Apple Green Paisley TieCredit: Amazon.com

Before knowing about the paisley pattern, I had always seen the design constantly and really enjoyed it; however, I had never known what the name was, so I was not able to purchase one. I was searching through the internet one day, and I came across a few silk tonal paisley Brioni ties that immediately caught my eye. I ended up purchasing one that cost me about $195 with taxes and shipping including. This may have been quite a hefty purchase, but the amount of compliments that I had received when I was wearing that tie was unbelievable! Many of the people had noticed and said that the tie had made me look pretty classy.

The Brioni Ties With The Flower Medallion Design Will Look Great With Plain Dress Shirts

The amazing thing about this designer brand’s logo is that it looks like a plain design; the flower medallion logo that they frequently use could pass as being a simple design as opposed to an actual brand’s logo. In addition, it will provide the true fans of Brioni ties with some brand identification, and allow them to know that you have purchased a tie that was made by Brioni, while allowing the people that are unaware of the Brioni logo to think that you have simply purchased a fashion accessory with an amazing pattern.

There Are A Ton Of Striped Brioni Ties That Range From $150 To Well Over $25Unisex Black And Blue Plaid Skinny TieCredit: Amazon.com0

It is a shame that Brioni hasn’t released any ties that are affordable to people that have a budget of around $50; however, you can be assured that all of the Brioni ties that are released are made with the best quality materials and seams, although they are quite expensive. Brioni has released a ton of plain looking neckties that look great; however, they are most famous for their higher end striped models. Their striped models have the most amazing combination of tones, and through their amazing designs, they have allowed themselves to be deemed as being a higher end brand.

You Should Avoid Buying Brioni Ties From Ebay, As There Are Many Replicas Going Around

Unfortunately, there are a handful of dishonest people in this world that are willing to sell you a replica model, and provide you with a slight discount on the retail price of the tie while telling you that it is an authentic model. Although online purchases are the way of the future due to the lowered prices of products, and ability to shop through millions of items from the comfort of your own home, they are also a portal for these dishonest people to make money off of your mistakes. There are quite a few replica Brioni ties that are circulating around places like Ebay, Kijiji, and Craigslist. I definitely do my research on the product’s seller before actually making a purchase in order to ensure that I receive an authentic tie.

Although Brioni is not regarded in the same fashion as the more popular brands such as Versace, Gucci, and Dolce&Gabbana, they offer a ton of ties that can be deemed as being on the same level as the more popular brands’ in regards to quality, design, and durability. I would definitely consider the ties by Brioni before any others, as they will provide you with an amazing quality product for a relatively affordable price!