It seems like style follows a cyclical cycle in which trends are in for a decade, out for a decade, and then back in for a decade. This has been happening for many years, and skinny ties for men and women have been a great part of this cycle. However, we are now living in the twenty first century, and nobody wants to wear something that was in style 5 years ago, and is absolutely out of style now; the question lies, are skinny ties in or out? The truth of the matter is that skinny ties with the right designs and patterns were never actually out! Following the tips, brands, models, and designs that are described throughout this article will definitely allow you to see that you can wear these types of ties anywhere, during any occasion, at any time, and still look phenomenal!

TopTie Skinny Ties For Men Will Provide You With A Modern LookTopTie White And Black Piano Pattern Skinny TieCredit:

TopTie is a brand that has flown underneath the radar for quite some while; however, they seem to sell some amazing looking ties for affordable prices. One of the greatest things about the models that TopTie has created is that they look absolutely modern, and will suit any combination of clothes that you decide to wear them with. The TopTie skinny ties for men are also priced in an affordable range that can be deemed as being affordable to anybody, regardless of how large or small their budget is.

Skinny Ties For Women Will Definitely Suit The Lady That Is Entering The Business WorkplaceUnisex Black And White Polka Dot Skinny TieCredit:

It is a very rare occasion that you see a woman wearing one of these ties; however, there is definitely a large selection of brands and models to choose from! More and more women are entering the business sector of the workplace, and with that being said, more and more women are requiring their wardrobe to be filled with business clothes and formal wear. Keep your eyes out for skinny ties for women if you are a lady that needs to wear formal clothes on a regular basis, as they will add some flare to your work uniform, and spice up your dress shirts.

You Should Not Buy Any Of The Skinny Ties That Are Overly Cheap

There are obviously a ton of fashion accessories on the market that can be purchased for a cheap price, and still be relatively similar to the designer models that 10 times as expensive; however, buying skinny ties for cheap is not the best thing that you can do. You pretty much get what you are paying for when it comes to these formal ties. This is not to say that you must purchase the most expensive models that are made by the higher end designer brands; however, this is suggesting that you avoid any of these types of ties that are excessively cheap.4 Ultra Skinny Ties-Black, Blue, White, And RedCredit:

Skinny Ties-Are They In Or Out?

This has been an ongoing debate over the least 5 years that these ties have regained their popularity. The truth of the matter is that they were never actually out, they had just lost some of their popularity for a short amount of time. However, the answer to the question of whether skinny ties are in or out is definitely that they are, and always will be in! They provide a modern look, and a style that cannot be gained by regular ties; moreover, this is what will allow them to maintain their popularity-they offer something unique that cannot be achieved by any other regular ties.

Skinny Ties Vs Regular Ties-Which Occasions? Which Shirts?

The majority of people avoid buying these types of ties because they are unsure of where or when they will be able to wear them effectively. The battle of skinny ties vs regular ties is one that has been going on since they were released, and will continue to go on until one type of tie disappears. There will always be people on either side of the debate, and you can bet that one side will never dominate because it is split at a 50/50 rate. The truth of the matter is that skinny ties provide a formal look, so it would not be a great idea to wear one to your own wedding; however, it would be a perfect idea to wear one to a wedding that you are entering as a guest to! In addition, these ties can be worn with any types of shirts, provided that they match with the face of the tie, and do not clash with the colors of the shirt.

Most people choose to go with the grain and simply wear a regular tie with their formal wear; however, skinny ties provide a way to go against the grain of the mainstream, and still look great! Use the tips throughout this article to make the best decision, and add a nice model to your formal wear collection!