Custom Front GrillesCustom Front End Grille on Toyota FJ

Just like the song about "these boots aren't made for walkin'" - these grilles aren't made for BBQin'!!!

Back in the old days when I was a boy, guys customized up their cars by trekking to the junk yard and finding unusual or great looking grille pieces from other makes & models, and making them fit into the front end of their car. It likely involved a LOT of cutting, filing, molding, bondo-ing, sanding, and painting to make it all fit and look decent. But back then, a lot of guys were willing to devote the time. And when they were done, they really had a classic, one-of-a-kind vehicle!

Now days you can go to your favorite auto parts and accessories web store and find a whole plethora of replacement grilles and inserts. Many are simple one piece switch-outs, custom made by the manufacturer to fit your Truck, Jeep, SUV, Van, or Car. They install in minutes, pretty much by unbolting the original grille, and bolting in the new one! They're made out of very sturdy materials like stainless steel, chrome, and ABS, with a whole variety of styles and finishes. The chrome, brushed, or polished finishes are the best I think.

If you look into the world of billet grilles and parts, you'll find out that "billet" refers to a piece of metal that has been cast or extruded into a specific shape, length, or part. So a billet grille is just a front grille that has been cast out of metal. Nothing fancy about that. Except that it is likely to be a whole lot stronger and sturdier than plastic or aluminum. And, it will most likely last a heck of a lot longer too!

In checking around the webstores that sell grilles for cars, you will also find that they can match you up with Billet Door Handles, Fuel Doors, Brake Light Covers, Mirrors, Hitch Covers, and all kinds of trim pieces. Now you have a vehicle that it totally unique and certainly reflective of your true personality! Cool!

You will also find that for vehicles like this Toyota FJ that have multiple grille pieces up front, you can buy the pieces together as a kind of kit, so that everything matches up. They also make custom inserts for the grille sections at the base of the windshield, on the fenders, to cover your windshield washers, and even more. So take a few minutes and swing by one of these sites selling billet grilles, and see what all you can do! You'll be hooked in no time, I'm sure!