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Lash Food is a natural eyelash conditioning system that helps people to grow longer lashes naturally and healthily.

Like the vast majority of lash growth products and formulations, Lash Food is sold as a serum, that is applied to the base of the eyelids (just where the lash line is) using the small applicator brush (similar to a liquid eyeliner brush). Unlike other eyelash growth serums, which are only applied once a day, just before bedtime, Lash Food can be applied more than once a day – you can use Lash Food every morning and evening, and apply your regular makeup over the top.

There are very few lash growth products that are inexpensive to buy. However, Lash Food are so confident of their product, that they offer a full, 60-day money back guarantee if users do not see the results they expect or are unhappy in any way, meaning that it's a safe option to try and if you're not happy - money back!

Lash Food Products:

Lash Food offer two different formulations of their lash conditioner products – the original Lash Food, which is based on all-natural ingredients, and a nano-peptide version of Lash Food, which promises even faster results.

Lash Food also offer a mascara that helps eyelashes grow, with the Lash Food formulation built-in, and also a liquid eyeliner that contains the same lash growth serum, meaning that it's easy to make Lash Food part of your everyday beauty regime.

There is also a Lash Food formulation specially developed for people looking for eyebrow restoration to boost eyebrow regrowth.

Lash Food Ingredients:

Formulated by cosmetic scientists, the makers of Lash Food promise great results in lash growth and lash density, and having been developed with natural ingredients, Lash Food is suitable for even very sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Chemical free, Lash Food can even be used by wearers of eyelash extensions and patients who are receiving chemotherapy treatments.

What makes Lash Food great (as well as the fact it's chemical free), is that unlike other lash growth formulations, it does not contain prostaglandin, which is known to have side effects for some users. Lash Food is also a registered FDA product.

Lash Food Results:

The manufacturers of Lash Food say that it takes around 4-8 weeks to start seeing results, but that the results of clinical trials showed that Lash Food gave 85% of users noticeably fuller lashes. 100% of users also reported longer lashes and a noticeable improvement in lash density. Full lash growth effects can be seen after 2 months of every day use.

Lash Food retails at $120, but a bottle (according to the Lash Food website, will last between 3-5 months, depending on whether it is used once or twice a day.

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