football (17391)Remember the hand of god? When Diego Maradonna scored against England using that famous hand. Was that an act of god? The answer is obvious that he cheated and he got away with it. England lost the game and had to exit the world cup. There have been a lot of things that have been and are still attributed to god. They don't sometimes make sense but at times we do believe strongly in them. Have you noticed how football players celebrate and raise their hands to the heavens thanking god after scoring a goal. Did god kick the ball into the back of the net? If that is not the case why do they do it? At times, group of footballers get together to say a little prayer before a game. They pray for divine intervention. Does god really listen to such prayers?

football twoOther acts of god, Thierry Henry scored against Ireland and thereby eliminating them from the 2010 world cup qualification. France qualified and will be participating in the world cup in South Africa. Everyone in Ireland is still fuming about the elimination. It was not because the whole Irish nation is a band of bad losers. It has to do with the hand of god or should I say hand of Thierry Henry. During the final minutes of the match, Thierry Henry scored with the aid of his hand. He pretended it wasn't the case and the referee didn't see the fault either. Anyway, the Football and World Cup governing body just couldn't be bothered to get involved. In France, people were a bit hypocritical about the issue. They were happy that France got through but were too ashamed to be vocal about it. It was the hand of god or was it really?

Recently (may 2010) a plane crashed in Libya and all onboard died except for a 10 years old boy. It is a miracle and god must have saved him. What about the rest, why were they not saved? They couldn't have been worst sinners than the boy who survived. Was it just pure luck and coincident? Did god have something planned for the boy who survived? What could god possibly have planned for him if all his immediate family members are dead? Experts are currently trying to figure out what went wrong. In most cases, the problem is human error. If that is the case, god has nothing to do with the crash.

Acts of god or hand of god in the past. When the Israelites left Egypt after 400 years of slavery, they were caught between the red sea on one side and the Egyptian army on the other. According to the bible, God divided the red sea into two and the Israelites were able to cross the sea on dry ground onto the other side. The Egyptian army tried to cross in their pursuit but drowned when god made the waters of the red sea come back to their original location. Those who believe in the bible called that an act of god. Those who are not believers think that is it pure fantasy. An unbelieving teacher once said to her class that the red sea crossing was an invention. She said that the Israelites only crossed at a shallow body of water. One of the pupils in the class raised her hand and said" It must have been a miracle if the Egyptian army drowned in such a shallow body of water.