The smell of Thieves Essential Oil is really, really fabulous
The oils are extremely adaptable--you can use it to clean your home, consume it, apply it to your skin, and diffuse it into the air (always follow the directions on this because it needs to be diluted first)
Wonderful story about historical background and origin--I have no idea if it's true, but it sure does make using the oils more enjoyable
Tested and proven by an independent laboratory to kill germs and viruses
Historical and trusted formula
Helps boost immune system naturally which can help keep you healthy


Thieves Essential Oil is expensive and it comes in just a small bottle. Sure, the bottle lasts a long time, but it's still a small one.
Can cause irritation when not used properly, so it's really important to read all directions carefully and if you have sensitive skin to find a way to use it other than applying it externally (there are lots of other choices).
Some versions contain alcohol as part of the distillation process which may be a problem for some users.

Full Review

If you're worried about your family's health for the fall and winter flu season this year, you should spend some time learning about the natural flu remedy Thieves Essential Oil.

This unique essential oil is said to be based on a blend of oils created by several thieves who robbed plague victims and managed to stay healthy. The thieves are said to have been perfumers who knew of the preventative properties of essential oils, and when they were caught, they gave up the formula to prevent execution.

The oil blend was then used by priests and others to stay protected while working with plague victims.

In today's world of disease, swine flu, colds, and more, your family's immunity is crucial and you'll want to make sure that you keep it protected. An essential oil blend like Thieves Essential Oil can be a powerful natural flu remedy.

It's been tested privately and demonstrated impressive abilities to kill viruses and other germs. And with oils like cinnamon and garlic which are known antivirals, it packs a fragrant punch!

My whole family enjoys using Thieves Essential Oil to keep our immune system healthy. We enjoy the way it smells, too, so this isn't one of those cures you wonder if it's worse than the disease.

When a massive flu was going through the preschool where my daughter worked, she worried she'd get sick too. But, I gave her a vial of Thieves Essential Oil and she used it regularly. She was the only staff member who didn't need a single sick day.

Another time, everyone in the house had the stomach flu, and I really didn't want to get it. (This was actually how I found out about this special oil.) A coworker told me about Thieves Essential Oil, and let me use her bottle, and I was able to take great care of my family all without getting struck by the stomach flu.

With Swine Flu expected to make a resurgence this fall, and with health care practitioners saying that a lack of public immunity may be a problem, it seems like a no-brainer to me to stock up on Thieves Essential Oil as a precautionary measure. While I don't know that this oil will help us fight Swine Flu specifically, I do know that because it boosts our immune systems, it seems likely to help us fight off any potential flu infections.

The oil is a little pricey, but my family's health is worth it, and I like knowing that we're using an all natural flu remedy instead of chemicals. It also lasts a very long time because you'll want to dilute it when you use it. If you can find a Young Living distributor locally, you'll even save on shipping fees, but if you can't, the oil is available on Amazon and the shipping price is relatively low.

I also really appreciate the testing that's gone into these oils and the level of purity they boast. I don't know much about essential oils, but I do know that purity isn't something you always find, so it's nice to know that Young Living makes it a priority.

We also use the oil as a household cleaner because it's pet safe and fights germs so effectively. Because viruses cling to household surfaces, using Thieves Essential Oil to clean our home means that it's working as an effective natural flu remedy by killing all those germs that are hanging out around the house. What's more, it makes the house smell absolutely delicious. Sure cleaning isn't much fun no matter what cleaning products you use, but because of the wonderful scent (and lack of icky chemicals that make your throat and eyes burn), Thieves Oil makes house cleaning a lot less frustrating.

So, that's a lot of benefits to Thieves Essential Oil! But, like I said, the one that's most important to me is the way it works as a natural flu remedy and helps keep my family healthy all year long. By boosting our immunity, I believe we'll also be able to stave off any future viral attacks like the Swine Flu should it cause a surge in sickness in the coming flu season.

In Closing

Though Thieves Essential Oil is a little on the costly side, and you can find other brands that offer similar oils, I like Young Living's version because it's been privately tested and found to have such success as a natural antiviral. I also like the importance they place on purity and on their creativity when it comes to blending together essential oils. They offer many unique blends in addition to the Thieves Essential Oil like Abundance and Peace.

If you're shopping for your oils online, you might want to pick up more than just the one type (to combine those shipping costs), and the descriptions are all very thorough so you're sure to find something that'll be really useful in resolving whatever ails you. From natural flu remedies to anxiety reduction oils to oils that help you heal past hurts, their variety ensures you'll have plenty to choose from.