Feminine Fashions - Thigh High Stocking and Garter Belts

Beauty is subjective. In today's world, there is no one standard of beauty. There are people who are said to be beautiful because of their perfect smile while some women are beautiful because of their slightly crooked nose. Ironic isn't it? Why is this so? Looking beautiful and alluring does not have to be very stressful even if you don't have the perfect hourglass figure; or even if you don't have flawless skin. You can achieve beauty with the right attitude--confidence and humility. If you have clothes such as miniskirts but you are not confident that they will look good on you, there is no reason to worry. Just turn around and try pairing them with a thigh high stocking. Thigh high stockings will make your legs look longer and finer. You can also wear them with a leather pants or skirts to achieve a more sophisticated look.

Thigh high stockings are great to wear to a party and even a casual stroll in the mall. The paradox is thigh high stockings have the ability to show the beauty of your legs while covering them with thick fabrics. Because of this characteristic, thigh high stockings become a sought after clothing for women. You can wear almost anything with thigh high stockings such as pants, short and long skirts, dress, and even formal skirts. When you wear a sandal or heels such as Cuban heel, French heel and Demi-tie over your thigh high stockings, the result is just amazing.

There are thigh high stockings with garter so that they can hug your thighs perfectly, but there are also thigh high stockings that are attached to a strap from a garter belt for more assurance. Thigh high stockings with garter belts are usually made of lace and chiffon and uneven stretch around the thighs. On one note, thigh high stockings with garter belts do not function for comfort alone. Garter belts help you achieve a sexy and daring look without compromising sophistication and elegance. Most women in their twenties and thirties wear garter belts to a party and even to their office of work.

Another thing that makes garter belts interesting is the fabric which they are made of. You can buy thigh high stockings with garter belts made of lace, chiffon, vinyl and leather. It has two stretchable straps for each leg and can be adjusted simultaneously. These stockings have two to three thick lining by which the straps are attached to. For some women, thigh high stockings are more comfortable to wear than panty hoses because they allow more room and have a better support. Besides, thigh high stockings look sexier than panty hoses.

Wearing thigh high stockings will add sophistication and boldness to your look. There are lingerie stores and shops that offer thigh high stockings with garter belts in different colors, designs and styles. While it is true that thigh high stockings do not instantly turn you into a more beautiful and sexier woman, wearing them will surely add confidence in order for you to feel much better about yourself.

Characteristics of Garter Belts and Thigh High Stockings

Garter belts and thigh high stockings have been worn through the years for practical purposes before panty hose came into existence during the 1960's. Thigh high stockings are prominently displayed by models and high class women during their time. When you browse men's magazines, you will find models wearing thigh high stockings and not panty hoses. As years gone by, thigh high stocking were considered as lingerie and not a mere piece of garment that covers up both legs and feet. Because of the attention that they gathered from both men and women, thigh high stocking become a staple in one woman's closet.

Thigh high stockings can be held off in three different ways: garter belt, "stay up" technology and garter. For the purpose of this article, we will focus our attention on garter belts. Garter belts or suspenders have four to six clasps on each leg which are attached to the lining of the stockings. Lace underwear is commonly worn over a garter belt. As discussed above, garter belts and thigh high stockings can be made from lace chiffon and vinyl, but they can also be made from silk, cashmere and nylon. The material used to make garter belts and thigh high stockings represent their thickness, texture and flexibility. There is one type of thigh high stockings called seamed thigh high stockings. They are different in terms of look and thickness. Seamed thigh high stockings have seams at the back of the stockings running all the way from the top to the bottom. It is in darker and thicker shade compared to the body of the stockings. The most common color of stockings is black. However, we can also buy stocking in different colors such as egg white, white, and brown. The sheerness of thigh high stocking varies from color to color. Thigh high stockings are available in different sizes catering to slim, slender and plus size women. Aside from this characteristic, thigh high stockings are also stretchable therefore allowing room and comfort to anyone who wears them.

How to Handle Your Garter Belts and Thigh High Stockings Properly

Garter belts and thigh high stockings are made of different materials. Therefore, one should pay extra care and attention in using them. Thigh high stockings can be worn in several occasions such as functions and outings. It is recommended that you bring an extra pair of thigh high stockings in case of emergency. On the other hand, washing thigh high stockings should be easy and manageable. It is advisable that you hand-wash your stockings and garter belt and allow them to dry before using them again.