Thigh Pain After Sitting



  If you are like me and have huge thighs, or big thighs, or thighs larger than most women you see in magazine ads or internet ads for clothing, then perhaps, like me, you experience pain in  your thighs from time to time.  The pain might appear when you are walking or laying down.  It may or may not appear while you are sitting down.  If you are like me, though, there is thigh pain after sitting, especially for prolonged periods of time.  Sitting for prolonged periods of time that is.  Which does lead to prolonged periods of pain in the thighs.  Prolonged pain anytime is pain that last too long.  There is no "pro" about it!  It does seem ridiculous, doesn't it?  That the very thing one does that involves no exercise or effort whatsoever - sitting - causes thigh pain.  I would expect it if I ran or walked an hour each day, or had a job where I was standing on my feet for eight hours daily.  I have a sit down job, which probably explains my large thighs getting larger.  And when I get up after sitting for a while, I have all this thigh pain after sitting.  I did - or tried to do - a little research on what could be the causes of thigh pain after sitting.  Apparently there are quite a number of causes for this!  One is that a large, sensory nerve can be compressed.  This condition has one of those wonderful names:  Meralgia Paresthetica.  Which means it's a compressed large sensory nerve causing thigh pain after sitting.  The name of the nerve being compressed?  Another wonderful name.  The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.  I guess this means when you have heavy thighs and sit down, the weight of your thighs puts pressure on this nerve, causing it to compress and consequently, causing thigh pain after sitting.  Perhaps while sitting it sort of gets numb, like when your foot falls asleep, and only hurts when you get up to use it.  Apparently restrictive clothing and weight gain are two things that can put pressure on this nerve and cause the thigh pain after sitting.  I guess if you've gained weight and haven't bought new clothes then your clothes are going to be a bit "restrictive"!  In other words, too tight.  Also, wearing a something like a heavy tool belt, or a corset or girdle can cause pain down in the thigh after sitting!  So one can't even wear something that is supposed to hold in the excess fat!  This doesn't seem fair.  I wish it were as simple as removing a tool belt and carrying a tool box instead.

  Another possible term for thigh pain after sitting is "venous congestion".  This sounds like the planet Venus is congested, doesn't it?  Most likely it is, but in addition to planetary cough and colds, "venous" itself deals with the veins.  If I were to take a rough guess I would say this means that the blood flowing through my veins has become congested and is not flowing like a river throughout my body, especially in my thighs.  It's more common in the lower legs but doesn't mean it can't happen in the thighs.

  There are all sorts of muscle pulls, too, which can be responsible for thigh pain after sitting.  The quadriceps muscle pull, which are the muscles in the frontal region of the thigh; these cause thigh pain and numbness when pulled.  There's the hamstring muscle pull, which leads to inner thigh pain.  The groin muscle pull also affects pain in the thigh after sitting.  Not to mention sciatica, lipoma and bacteria - all things that can cause pain.  It's totally reassuring to know any number of things can cause thigh pain after sitting.  I think I'll go with the extra weight one.  Perhaps a bit of working out and trying to get my thighs back in shape might help.  In the meantime, I'll take painkillers and ease the pain that comes after sitting by not getting up.  I'll just do some leg stretches from my chair.  If I stay seated there should be no problem with thigh pain after sitting.