Thigh and Hip Slimming Exercises: The Painful Truth

If you have got large size thighs and hips, there is no doubt you will want to do something about them. If you're too lazy and you want an easy way out, you will likely never find one. Most professionals will suggest a combination of good dieting and thigh and hip slimming exercises. That said, it doesn't mean that you will achieve what you desire. You will probably achieve something which is better than not even trying. If you want to get toned thighs and smaller hips, you need to bear in mind that it is going to be a long struggle. You can watch a lot of exercise videos on sites like YouTube but you will soon get discouraged.

That is because most people going into thigh and hip slimming exercises expect immediate results. Some expect it to be easier but the painful truth is, you will need to keep at it on a regular basis for weeks or even months before you start to see good results. There are times some people will exercise intensely for a couple of hours for a week and do nothing the next. That will be like taking a step forward and two backwards. Any form of slimming exercise requires discipline and consistency.

If you're going to start with results in mind, you need to approach your exercise with logic. It is best to work out half an hour every day than doing a marathon once a week. What are the best the thigh and hip slimming exercises you can try?

Some trainers have suggested that doing squats is a great way to reduce fat on thighs and hips. You need to remember that starting slowly is the key to avoid injury. You might feel that your thighs and hips are sore after the first few days of trying. This is normal and you need to give yourself and your body time to get used to the intensity of working your muscles. If you are lucky enough to get someone to give you thigh and hip massage after every exercise session that will also be beneficial and might encourage you to carry on.

There is no need to buy expensive exercise machines in your quest to get slimmer body. A lot of people invest their money on exercise machines and weights in the hope that it'll be a source of motivation to use them. That is often an error that you should not commit. Thigh and hip slimming exercises can be done without the aid of external appliances. If you have to invest in anything, dumbbells are probably the best to buy. They are inexpensive and you can use them whilst sitting watching TV.

You can perform exercises like squats and holding the position whilst counting to 20. Changing exercise routines every 5 to 10 min. is advised in order to get a balanced workout and avoid the risk of injury. You can also try what is called inner and outer thigh kick. You can lean against a wall standing and raise your leg forward and maintain it in position for 20 seconds and do the same with your leg stretched backwards for the same about of time. You can also try to run on the spot raising your leg as high as you can.

Thigh and hip slimming exercises will not make you lose weight and that is the painful truth. It doesn’t mean that it is not worth it because you will gain tone thighs and firmer bottoms.