Thighs Sore from Squats or Why Exercise is Killing Me! 

  I've tried all the exercises to slenderize my thighs.  I've also tried all the exercise equipment available at my local gym to slim down those thunder thighs.  Each time I got the same result - sore thighs.  So sore, in fact, I quit before I could see any useful results.  This time, though, I'm going to see it all the way through no matter how much my thighs are sore from the leg squats I've started doing each morning.  Yes, squats.  They are great for strengthening the knees, plus I'm hoping they will help deal with this thigh problem I have.  Too big thighs are the thigh problem - too big means too fat.  I want those nice, slender thighs that can fit perfectly into skinny leg jeans, and look ultra good when wearing skin tight leggings.  If I can build up my knee strength, I'll have more energy and support for walking and other forms of leg exercise. 

  Once again, though, I'm dealing with having my thighs sore from squats.  I have heard that one of the best ways to eliminate the soreness is to keep going, not to quit.  Eventually, as you build up, the soreness will fade because your muscles will get accustomed to the squats.  It would seem to me if you follow this line of thinking you will never get rid of the soreness because if you increase the squats as the soreness decreases, then the soreness will once again increase with the increase in squats!  But if you don't increase the squats you will reach a plateau where your thighs might not get bigger, but they won't get slender, either!  I call this a no win all around. 

  Squats target all the muscles in the hips, thighs and butt.  So it makes sense one would have sore thighs from squats because those muscles are targeted.  I've tried cold packs and heat, but can never remember which one is applied immediately.  I did a test once - I put an ice pack on one thigh; a heat wrap on the other.  After twenty minutes or so my one thigh had no feeling and, I believe, gangrene was setting in.  The other thigh looked red and  felt sunburned.  The one with no feeling quickly turned to one with feeling as soon as I got up to walk and felt the soreness begin again.  So I decided next to work on my form.  Perhaps there were different ways of doing the squats.  Turns out there are different ways of doing squats.  You can use a chair - or one of those huge balls.  It's like dancing with an inanimate object.  You can even put a ball between your legs to keep your knees in alignment.  I tried that with my nephew's baseball and he watched with amusement as I tried hard to hold that ball between my legs without letting it fall out!  That took more effort than the squats themselves! 

  One major problem with having your thighs sore from doing squats is when you walk later, you look like you are dealing with being saddle sore, or something like that.  The sort of walk people do when the inside of their thighs are sore from rubbing against each other, while the jeans they are wearing are also rubbing against their thighs.  Because I'm determined to have slender thighs I'll squat it out.  At least for another day.  I'll see after that.  Right now I'm going to soak those sore thighs in a nice, hot tub, along with the rest of my body.