It is usual for parents like you to get excited on a daily basis when you see your boy develop mentally or physically. It signals the time to start him in the potty training journey. However in order to be a success when potty training boys, you must consider critical factors for instance their emotional and mental readiness.


Unlike adults, children have a harder time handling either negative or positive stress in their lives. If any stressful situation is going on within the family, it is highly recommended to reschedule potty training instruction until the situation has gone away or the daily routines of the family members normalizes. This should allow your boy to place potty training alongside his other routines easily.

Cases of positive stress:

Birth of a new baby.
Moving to a new home.
Cases of negative stress:

Divorce or separation.

Death or illness in the immediate family.
Work problems.


One of the best ways to achieve success in potty training is to make use of positive reinforcements. Children respond far more to positivity as compared to shouting or other kinds of punishments.

Instances of positive reinforcements:

Hugs and kisses.
Small treats.
Praises or high fives.


Potty training boys will be quicker and have a better chance of good results if you use some simple tools that help your child visualize what you want him to accomplish. Remember that children often have difficulty focusing on tasks and have a limited understanding of long range objectives. Using tools to help them comprehend will make the experience much easier and more enjoyable for you and your boy.

Tools that are often used when potty training boys:

Books with illustrations - There are a lot of training books that have pleasant illustrations and help demonstrate potty training to the little ones. These books can be specifically aimed at boys.

Teaching films made for kids - Use educational videos that show children how and why it is important to use a potty.

Dolls or toys - Some dolls come in girl or boy variations and are anatomically accurate. It is a very good way to teach your children their body parts and where they will be feeling something when they have to go potty and how to aim in the potty foe the boys. Even your boy's little action figures can be used to demonstrate the point.


Another great tip for a good potty training experience is to allow the child feel like he is in charge of the process. This builds their self confidence and makes them more engaged with the activity.

Let your boy choose a potty that he likes. This will increase his interest in the brand-new activity and may prevent struggles during the early training period.

Encourage your child to listen closely to their own body signals by prompting them when you know that they want to go potty.


There is no wrong or right way to do this. Use words that work for you, your boy and the rest of the family members.


The best way to help him perfect his potty training is to practice it frequently, in different scenarios and locations. Here are some strategies on how to implement this:

Alter the timing of going to the toilet.
Go to various appropriate toilet locations outside the home.
Use other potties/toilets around the house.


Potty training is an important milestone in your boy's life. It indicates his development physically, emotionally and mentally. Potty training boys can be difficult, time consuming and stressful. It is best to prepare yourself as there will be numerous mishaps, countless hours of teaching and a lengthy test of your endurance before success is achieved. Yet, it can also be one of the most fulfilling stages in you and your boy’s relationship.