Your boyfriend is really lucky to have you! You are looking for ways to make him happy and this indicates that you really care for him a lot! As you know, communication is an integral part of a relationship. Compliments are the fuel which keeps the fire burning - they show that you appreciate your partner for who they are! Just a few loving words act as powerful tools for creating greater physical and emotional intimacy. Mentioned below are some incredible things to say to your boyfriend to make him smile. These are not just words - they are 'keys' to taking your relationship to new, unexplored heights!

Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile 1) 'The best crime that I ever committed was to steal your heart!'

2) 'You are so addictive - you should be banned!' If you say these words to your boyfriend, it will simply make his day! He will feel on the top of the world!

3) 'I really like the way you smell! Can I borrow your shirt to sleep in it?'

4) 'You are the best thing that has ever happened to me!' - These words are absolutely magical! It takes a lot of courage to utter them but it is well worth it.

5) 'When I look at you, my heart starts beating faster! Someday, your good looks will give me a heart attack!'

6) 'Everything is so perfect when you are by my side'

7) 'Every woman dreams of meeting a guy like you!'

8) 'Whenever we go out, all the other girls keep checking you out and I get very jealous!' 

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

A relationship is like a building - and words are the bricks which form this building. Just as a good brick strengthens a building, similarly - kind, loving words galvanize your relationship! So choose your words wisely and get your timing right. Also try using some adorable boyfriend texts to express your feelings. If you are in search of cute things to say to you boyfriend to make him smile - then here is a list of sentences that will make him feel absolutely elated! Here's some Cute Boyfriend Texts to send him!

 1) 'You take such good care of me. You will make a great father!' - These words are a great way to make your boyfriend feel proud as well as to indirectly bring up the topic of marriage.

2) 'You are such a perfect gentleman; you make me feel like a princess'

3) 'You know so much about everything! You could give Einstein a run for his money!'

4) 'I once made a wish and it came true the day I met you!'

5) 'If you want to know the reason for my happiness, just look into a mirror!'

Cute Things to Text Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

Text messaging has become an essential aspect of communication - it's a great, non-intrusive way of letting your boyfriend know that you are thinking about him. A message takes just a few seconds to type and if you type in the right words - your boyfriend will be dying to see you! Mentioned below are some cute text messages to send to boyfriend to make him smile.

1) 'Just wanted to let to know that I am thinking about you right now.' This message is simple yet it has a very powerful impact. If your boyfriend has a good imagination, then he will reply with something mischievous like 'What part of my body are you thinking about?'

2) 'I can't wait to meet you today evening. I have planned something special for the both of us!' This one is great as it appeals to the curiosity of your boyfriend and creates anticipation. However, make sure that you deliver on the 'surprise' that you have planned.

3) 'Just thinking of you makes me smile'

4) 'Don't forget to visit me in my dreams'

5) 'The sender of this text message loves you a lot'

What Should I Say to My Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

ways to make your boyfriend smileExpressing yourself freely is crucial for your relationship as well as ways to surprise your boyfriend will help you to be successful. Many people are 'emotionally constipated' and this is precisely why their relationships fail. Do you like it when your boyfriend makes endearing gestures? Of course you do - it makes you feel ecstatic! So why not repay the favor? Men are not used to being pampered - they are the ones who do all the pampering! Thus, your boyfriend will be pleasantly surprised if you say and do things to make him feel special. If you are wondering what to say to your boyfriend to make him smile, then check out the list below.

 1) 'You are so good in bed! You must have been a sex god in your past life!'

2) 'I adore your sense of humor'

3) 'I have never seen a guy who is as thoughtful and caring as you are'

4) 'You lend meaning to my existence'

5) 'Thank you for tolerating all my complaining and nagging and still loving me!'

Sweet Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Asking a sweet question is the perfect way to initiate a flirtatious conversation with your boyfriend. Be sure to send him some sweet texts too. Don't worry if the questions sound silly - if you ask them with the right intonation, you will be amazed at the responses that you will get. Below are some sweet questions to ask your boyfriend. These questions seem quite simple, but they will help you to get a deeper insight into your boyfriend's thoughts and personality. If you get lucky, you could even get him to reveal some of his secrets!

Try using one of these Sweet Boyfriend Texts.

1) Which is your favorite sports-car? Men just love to talk about cars and will be thankful to you for asking this question.

2) What part of my body do you like the most?

3) What are your wildest fantasies?

4) Do you believe that a person can fall in love just once?

5) What is your ambition?

6) If you had to change one thing about you, what would it be?

7) If you had to change one thing about me, what would it be?

8) Do you want to watch football? Your boyfriend will worship you if you ask him this question!

Sweet Things to Say to Your Man

sweet boyfriend textsMany people speak words which do not create any impact. It is better to say one powerful sentence than to spend an entire evening ranting about irrelevant stuff. Whenever you say a loving word to your boyfriend, you make an investment in your relationship. Someday, these tiny investments will pay off in the form a ring on your finger and a cute baby in your arms!

 Below is a list of sweet things to say to your man. Your partner will be delighted to hear them!

 1) 'The happiest place on earth is in between your arms!'

2) 'You give me butterflies'

3) 'You are so strong - you must work out a lot'

4) 'You are a beauty with brains baby!'

5) 'You have such a husky voice. It sends a chill down my spine'

6) 'Do you mind if I sit on your lap?' He will not stop smiling after you say this!

7) 'I am not wearing any underwear!' Your man will be delirious with joy upon hearing these words!