When you order your grand opening vinyl banners there are some things that should be on them so the buying public knows how and where to find you. One of the important things to have printed on your vinyl banner is the business location. If you don’t have the location of the business on these banners or on at least some of them people won’t know where you are located. And if they can’t find you they certainly won’t come in and make use of your services or purchase the items you have for sale.

Using low cost grand opening banners

If you are engaging in an advertising campaign for a new business or a reopened business you can make good use of grand opening vinyl banners. These banner signs are a low cost advertising option that can be displayed in a lot of different places either inside your business or at remote location away from your business. So when you plan this campaign make a list of what must be on those banners. Sure you can order some of the stock banners with the two words ‘grand opening’ on them but you will also need words that give those two important pieces of information that banner signs are used for which is to impart information and direction.

What information and direction do I put on banners?

The information is what the public needs to know to find you which may be your opening days and hours and your address and telephone number. In this method you give your location and when you are open or other information. You can also use an arrow that points to your business for direction if the banner is placed adjacent to your business. Or you can have very short directions printed such as take exit #5 and turn left. You still have to adhere to the advertising principle of keeping it simple. People won’t read a lengthy dialogue on a banner so keep it short and simple.

Graphics and information

When you incorporate graphics into your advertising banners you still need to have some wording that tells people where you are. Also the graphics cannot overpower the words so that people ignore what you are telling them. A few simple short words with pertinent information are what make effective advertising banners. It also gives an indication of your image too. So make them effective and attractive too.