Here are 10 things guys should not do when in a relationship. I speak from personal experience. Use the advice at your own discretion.
Here we go.

1. Women = Men. Accept it already. 

She is a different person, and she has her own life, her own ambitions, her own friends, her family and what not. It is 2014, men and women are the same, accept it, and treat her as your equal.

2. Last Seen At & Other Digital Stalking Is Bad For You

Okay so every time she goes online , she does not really need to ping you. Stop stalking if you do. If you stalk, you really don’t trust her, and if you don’t trust her, what’s the point of being with her?

3. Yes, She Can Refuse To Show You Her Personal Diary

It’s okay if she doesn’t share her personal diary. It’s normal. She will show it you when the time comes; stop pushing.

4. Caring Is Not Interfering

We guys often confuse interfering for sharing. She needs her space; just give it to her.

5. She Does Not Need Your Consent

Didn’t like something she did? Do you wish she had asked you first? If you wish that, you are wrong. She is a different person, don’t you get it? She has no obligation for seeking your consent about anything, unless it immediately concerns you or the two of you.

6. Please Don’t Force Sex On Her

Everyone wants sex; but unless the two of you are totally up for it, it will always suck. Don’t push it; the time will come.

7. Yes, You Should Remember Significant Dates For Her Happiness

The date you kissed for the first time? First date? While majority guys are not into dates, majority girls are. A little effort and you will remember a few good moments of the two of you, which isn’t bad at all.

8. Lie And You Shall Die

No lies. Never. Period.

9. Appreciate, But Honestly

Always take out time to appreciate her with utmost honesty.

10. Yes, She Is Your Girlfriend. But You Can Spare A Bit Of Time For Others As Well

Loving someone does not mean losing your senses, forgetting your work, your family or your friends. Save some time for everything and everyone else. It’s okay to say no sometimes and she would get it.

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