Things I wish I new when I started on InfoBarrel : Techniques

I started out hoping to write an all inclusive article on everything I've learned in my first month here on InfoBarrel, but I noticed after getting started that I would need to break it up into a couple different ones. The first one is on a few techniques I've learned for writing articles. Next I plan on writing an article about how to optimize your articles. Finally I'll conclude with how I doubled my total views in one day with an hour of work. I really hope to help everyone I can. Also, I guess I've been playing to much modern warfare, but all of my techniques also work on the battlefield.
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Techniques for Writing on InfoBarrel

This is a technique that works well for a lot of people. It's very simple, you write as many articles as you can on any topic that pops into your head. It's great and can really help out when you're trying to rack up points for contests. You get tons of articles out, and increase your chances of anybody stumbling onto your articles. However, the problem with this technique is people can't really find a home with your topics. It could be difficult to establish a group of followers, because they never know what to expect. They can't really depend on you for a steady stream of articles that will interest them. However, some people might like the variety and stay tuned to see what direction you're going in the next day.
In order for this technique to work it takes more forethought and planning. You figure out ahead of time what kind a writer you're going to be, and you know your niche. You consistently pump out articles that are tailor made for your kind of crowd. You recognize your audience and you cater to them. This can really help you establish yourself as someone to turn to in your particular field of interest. People will stay tuned, because they know what they are getting. However, this can be tough to hold peoples interest walking a fine line of keeping your audience happy and staying fresh.
This is a variation of the first method. You figure out what is the hot topic, and then write about it. You could pick up a paper, watch TV, or look on the web to find out what is hot. Once you know what is hot write about it. This keeps you current, and always gives you new topics to write about. Your audience might not know where you are coming from, but can always expect you to be relevant to the world around you. People who are interested in your point of view will stay tuned to hear your thoughts. However, some people might not like your take on things and stick to their own sources for news.

Staying Motivated

Make sure you set realistic goals for yourself. I work a lot of overtime at my job, because I have bills to pay like the rest of the world, so I knock out an article a week. If you have more time on your hands then by all means write what you can. Some people do one a day or even more. That's fantastic they'll be making big bucks in no time. Whatever your goal is stick to it, don't give up you can do it. Don't beat yourself up if you take a week off. Just get back in there and keep going.

I know a lot of people get on here hoping to make tons of money, and are prepared to work hard to do it. That doesn't mean that you can't have fun and make a game out of it when you can't think of something to write. Go to the "things to do" section of this site, and pick an article you don't know anything about and research it. Or just hop on yahoo and see what the story of the day is, and write your take on it. The best jobs in life don't feel like work.