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Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences that any person can have. They love you unconditionally, rely on you to give them everything you need, and are always there for you. Having a pet comes with so many benefits.

When you own a pet, you come to an unusual understanding of the animals. Certain things that you know, your friends just don't quite understand. Here are a few of the things that only pet owners understand.

Spring Fur Storm

Spring is an unfortunate time for those with pets who shed. For an entire month, sometimes more, your house floors seem to have a constant coat of fur laying on them. No matter how much you vacuum, you can't seem to get all of it. Sometimes it seems to just be appearing out of nowhere. You can't even sit down on a piece of furniture without being attacked by fur. When your pet starts to shed, you somehow end up the one covered in fur.

Fur on Clothing

Any pet owner knows that it is impossible to get out of the house without getting covered with fur. Even if you somehow manage to avoid touching your pet before you leave, you somehow end up with fur clinging onto your clothing. It's like your clothes attract the fur. You've probably started keeping tape in your car to get the fur off so that you don't show up to work a hairy mess.

Coming Home

You can't come home without it being a big celebration. You could have even just stepped outside for a couple of minutes and it would still be a big deal that you came back inside. They'll calm down after a few minutes, but any guest that you have might be in shock over the enthusiastic greeting.

Apologizing (even if they can't understand you.)

Sometimes you accidentally step on your pets tail, or you come home late so you didn't feed them on time. You feel the need to apologize to them, to pet them and love them to ease your guilty conscious even though they don't even understand why. It just makes you feel better knowing that you apologized to them. Sometimes you're nicer to them than you are to any human.

They Have You Trained

Some people so foolishly believe that the human is in control of the animal, when in reality it's the other way around. The animals have you completely trained. You know all of their likes and dislikes, when they want to be let out, when they want to be taken on walks, when they want to play, etc. They have you trained, and you don't mind one bit.