The pair of dress shoes that you wear to all of the formal occasions that you attend may look absolutely amazing, but are they as comfortable as you would like? The answer to this question is probably “no” because not many people can land an absolutely comfortable pair of casual dress shoes without specifically trying to find ones with the most comfort! This article has no intentions on promoting a specific pair of shoes, or telling you that certain casual dress shoes will be absolutely comfortable; however, it is geared towards opening your eyes to the factors that affect the degree of comfort that your shoe offers.

There are obviously a ton of things to keep in mind when you choose casual dress shoes; moreover, the degree of comfort that they offer should be at the top of your list. One of the main concerns should be the fitment of casual dress shoes; pair that up with the quality of the material and you will surely have a comfortable pair!

Comfort Insoles-Spenco Rx  Are Only $6 On Amazon!

Imagine for a second that there was a tiny mattress in between the sole of your foot and the inner sole of your shoe; fortunately, there is something that basically allows you to feel like you are walking on a very soft mattress. There are a ton of comfort insoles on Amazon that sell for ridiculously cheap prices. Take the Spenco RX insoles; they will allow you to experience a substantially higher degree of comfort for less than $10.

The reality of the matter is that most people spend more than this amount of money on a fast food meal that they devour in minutes; why wouldn’t they spend it on a pair of comfort insoles that will make them feel much better for years? I would definitely give any pair of comfort insoles a try, as you will never want to take your shoes off once you have walked with them on.

The Absence Of A Wedge Or A Heel

There are obviously a ton of great pairs of dress shoes with a wedge on the market; however, the fact of the matter is that wedges and heels lessen the degree of comfort that the shoes are providing you with. The following sentence has nothing to do with the arch of your feet, but rather, it deals with the overall angle that your foot is sitting at.

“Our bodies are innately accustomed to walking absolutely parallel to the floor with no incline at all”

You can go out and buy one of the pairs of casual dress shoes with a heel from Amazon, and they may look amazing, but I can guarantee you that you would be much more comfortable in a pair of shoes that are absolutely flat!

Orthotics That Are Custom To Your Foot’s Shape-WalkFit Platinum Customizable Orthotics Only $20 On Amazon!

A great amount of people avoid the purchase of custom orthotic inserts because they can be quit pricey; a prescribed pair can cost as much as $500! However, what if I told you that you could get 90% of the benefits that a custom pair of orthotic inserts offer for a ridiculously small fraction of the price!

Taking a look on Amazon will yield many options when it comes to custom orthotic inserts for under $50; moreover, these inserts will heighten the degree of comfort when you are walking by an unbelievable amount! All that you have to do is pick the orthotic combination that best fits your foot, insert the pair of orthotics in your shoes, and experience the enhanced pleasure that comes with walking on a pair of orthotic inserts!

A Soft Sole With The Ability To Absorb Shock

Have you ever observed the heel of a pair of high heeled dress shoes? If you have, you will quickly realize why they hurt so much! Their soles are sitting on a wooden stick, and definitely do not absorb any of the shock at all!

The key to a comfortable pair of casual dress shoes is a very soft sole with the ability to absorb the shock that is involved in walking. Walking may be a low impact movement; however, there is still enough shock involved to cause some pain!