Throughout history humanity has attributed all the things that it does not necessarily understand to things which are not really proven. One thing to remember is that just because you cannot explain something it does not mean that the explanation is anything supernatural. Here are some of the things which many people believe that there is no real scientific evidence for.


UFO sculpture

If you were to ask people about whether they believe beings from another planet visit us you would be surprised to find out that more than a third of people will say they do. According to National Geographic the latest polls have the number of people who think aliens visit us at 34 percent and a lot of them believe there is evidence for it. The truth is that there is no evidence of aliens and though there could be life on other planets, until now we simply do not know.


Ghosts are a very popular belief but again, it is a belief without any facts to back it up. You may have seen the shows in which ghost hunters will use equipment to measure any supernatural activity, but there is nothing to prove that a ghost would show up in that equipment. Things that do show up when measuring heat and electricity in the atmosphere are heat and electricity. If you go to a house and you walk with that equipment you will notice that the activity spikes in certain spots; that reaction is due to electrical wiring or air drifts, and not due to any supernatural events.



Horoscopes are so widely read that they are still published in a lot of newspapers in the world. Some people read the horoscope in a newspaper and then feel as if it was talking about them. If I were to tell you that you are an independent person who sometimes wishes you could rely on others I am not really telling you anything, am I? Most horoscopes are a general statement like that and if you want to try the experiment at home, open the newspaper and read a person their horoscope, but intentionally read them someone else’s. Ask them if they think that applies to them and a person that believes in it will tell you yes, even though it was not their own prediction. The same can be done if you buy a book and read someone their positives using another sign; they will usually say yes to that as well.


Psychics are a big business. Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe visit psychics and they can tell their future in the tea leaves, their hands, cards or the crystal ball. Some psychics are small time, but there are also big ones that are wrong time after time, and yet they are still making a lot of money from people who want to believe. One of the bigger names in the profession is Sylvia Browne; she has been wrong on TV many times and yet she still has many followers who are willing to "donate" 700 dollars for a small reading from her. Included here is a video of Sylvia Browne telling parents of a 17-year-old girl that she was shot when nothing of the kind happened.


You probably heard that those that do good deeds receive rewards such as a good life and while that is a great idea there is nothing that proves it true. Some people will do good things and they will have a good life while others can do great things and get a terminal and painful disease. You should do good not expecting a reward, but rather because it is good. A better way to describe real life would be to say that “what goes around comes around… sometimes”. Another thing that is important to remember is that if that was the case 99.5% of the time the one case where karma is wrong would prove the entire proposition wrong.


A lot of people believe the legend of Bigfoot and many people still search for evidence that he is real. Despite what you may have read there is no real evidence as to an ape-like animal's existence in North America that meets Bigfoot's description and to make the entire thing even less believable the people who actually made the famous film of him already said that they were behind it. Bob Heironimus admitted that he wore the suit for a thousand dollars that he never actually received.

Even after Heironimus publicly admitted this and he even has taken lie detector tests to confirm what he is saying, there are still people who refuse to believe that the Bigfoot film is fake and still search for the creature. The same thing is true of crop circles which people explained and some have actually come out and admitted it was all a prank, and yet people still choose to believe that crop circles are real.


Deities And Gods

I do not doubt that this is the big one. Most people today still believe that a god or gods  exist and while I am not trying to convince them otherwise there really is no evidence to such claims. People who believe in deities have to do it using their faith and in some cases even go against evidence. There is no measurement that we apply to prove that a supreme being exists and to that a lot of people answer that there is also no evidence that a deity does not exist.

They are right; there is no possible evidence that a deity does not exist, but that is because again there is no measurement that we use to measure god's presence. The same would be true if I were to say that there are invisible fairies that we cannot see, hear or feel. I could say that there is no proof that such fairies do not exist and I would be right because how could you possibly prove it. The fact that you cannot prove that something does not exist does not mean that it actually does. You can apply that way of thinking to anything in this list.

St Peters