Most people would like to make a little extra on the side to have extra income. There are many ways to make money online and one of those ways is to sell things for a profit. There are many items that can make you some really quick money, but not everything will. There has to be a demand for the item and the person looking to buy needs to see a reason to buy it. That reason is not always the price, but many times it is. Here are some things that you can sell today to make a little extra income.




One of the best things that you can sell online is collectibles, and they do not have to be the most valuable ones. The important thing when selling collectibles online is to create the value for the buyer. What is it that you can give a person that someone else will not? One example would be a collector of baseball cards are more inclined to buy a specific item than a pack of cards that give him a chance to get worthless collectibles. That means that most people selling will post a single card. What if you posted that card and added a few extra ones that are not as valuable? You could increase the price and still get buyers excited. Create excitement and you will be able to sell more items at a better price.

There are some companies that will help you grade your collectible items like toys and baseball cards. Grading is a great way to attract people looking to buy collectibles because they want them in the best shape possible. Another option when looking to get the most out of collectibles is to get them appraised and have an appraisal certificate ready to send to the buyer.

Used Items

You can sell used things that and make easy money if they are the right items. You do not even have to sell your own things on the internet because there are ways you can get used things to sell online without having to spend much money. People sell things because of different reasons, but mostly because they do not have enough room or because they are moving, so check garage sales and moving sales to see what you can get your hands on. Charity or thrift stores are also places where you could find small treasures so visit them once in a while. If you own an item that you want to get rid of and you think you can get some money for then sell it as well.

The trick when buying used items to sell them to other people is to recognize value. Most of the things sold by people online are in fact used, and people are still buying them. You should look to buy cheap so that you can sell them for a better price. If an item needs restoration they still may be worth buying, but any extra money that you spend while restoring the item is something that will cut your profits.



Books are perfect for selling online especially if they are in good shape and hard cover. Hard cover books will get higher prices and they are also small enough that shipping them is not a problem. All those things are great when you are trying to make money online because you can get them for a low price, and they do not take much room. Some people will actually pay you to find a book for them to buy. If you have patience you may want to offer those services as you can charge a higher price for books that are rare and that you worked hard to get.

If you are a writer then you can also write your own e-book. E-books are popular with writers because you do not have to wait for a publisher to take interest in your work, you do not have to invest much in self-publishing and you can sell as many books as you write without much of an investment. Keep in mind that you will need to do some advertising for your book to sell, but if it catches on you could be making a good amount of money with one single electronic product.

Arts And Crafts

If you have talent for creating handcrafts then you could create your own store online. You will not have to invest much money other than the website fees if you decide to have one. You can also sell your creations in online classified sites, auction sites, or set price websites like Amazon. You can sell anything from t-shirts to key chains and paintings. Making money online with their own creations is very satisfying to the artists out there.

Arts and crafts have specific value especially if they are unique. find the things that you love to do and try to make them unique and exciting. Also remember that the longer they take to make the higher the price you should ask for it. If something is taking you too long to complete, then the price would either be too high or not worth your time.

Arts and crafts

The Final Price

Different things will influence the price that you can sell an item online for. First you need to consider how much you paid for an item. You do not want to pay a high price because you then have to charge for shipping and that can make the item too expensive (unless it is unique). The shape the item is in will also decide how much you can sell it for. items in good shape will make you the most money. Finally the "uniqueness" of the item will either raise the price or drop it a lot. If an item is widely available, then that means there is not enough demand for it. That is what drives the prices down on items that people are selling, so try to find the items that are not widely available but that people really want.