If you’re shopping around for bedding solutions for your newborn, you should definitely consider Stokke cribs. Versatility, durability and safety are the main characteristics of those cribs. For newborns, a bassinet where they can cuddle and that will keep them warm is a lot more comfortable than a full size crib. However, most bassinets can only be used for a few months. This is why a lot f parents avoid getting a bassinet and they go directly for the crib. With Stokke cribs, you get three items in one: a bassinet, a crib and a childbed. For most of the stoke cribs, you don’t even need supplementary accessories for the transformation of the bassinet into a crib or of the crib into a childbed. Also, this item is very comfortable to use: it has an oval shape, which means it will be very easy for you to end over and pick up your baby. No corners also mean low accidents risks, from inside and outside the crib. Another great feature of those cribs is the fact they are on wheels – it will be very easy for you to move them around the room and even in a different part of the house. Once you put the crib where you want it to be, you can block the wheels and the crib will remain fixed in that position. The oval shape helps you to get the crib through doorframes without any problems.


How To Obtain Stokke Cribs Best Price

The price is always important, when it comes to baby items. There are so many thongs you need to buy, that you really have to obtain the best price for each of them. Since they are pretty expensive products, a Stokke cribs sale is a great opportunity. You’ll be able to buy an item with great features – durability, versatility and ease of use – for a great price. To make sure you truly get the Stokke cribs best price, you need to shop around a little. You can subscribe to several baby products websites and online retailers – this way, you’ll be informed about the discounts and sales involving those products. There are a lot of affordable Stokke cribs online. Start shopping for one when you still got the time – you need to buy and install the crib before the birth of your baby. You might wonder it’s really worth paying in such a crib two or even three times more then you would pay on other cribs. But, if you thing about the fact that you can use it as a bassinet, crib and childbed, you’ll realize that you won’t have to buy another sleep time accessory for a long time. Paying some extra money now will save you from spending later. And, if you take the time to find a Stokke cribs sale, you might end paying an affordable price for your new crib.


Things You Need To Know About Stokke Cribs

 Those cribs are solidly made of good-quality wood. They come in a lot of different finishes, to suit any taste. The mattress is included in the package, which means no supplementary expenses for you. As with a lot of other products, a couple of years ago we witness a Stokke cribs recall. It was related with the dimensions of the mattress for oval cribs. The manufacturer reached the conclusion that, for some of the models, the mattress is a little too small and might fall down. There were no incidents recorded and the manufacturer changed all the mattresses having that problem. You can rest assured: Stokke cribs are very safe and the manufacturer takes a lot of interest in improving the safety features.

When it comes to looks, you will be satisfied by those products. The cribs are made of wood and you can pick among a lot of finishes, from light colors to dark ones. The varnish used for the cribs is a non-toxic, water based product. We all know that babies and toddlers like to put everything in their mouth. With Stokke cribs, you don’t have to worry about your toddler sticking his or her teeth in the wood of the crib. All the materials used for building the crib are perfectly safe for the children.