The shower faucet valve is the device that keeps the water form leaking and it’s generally the part that breaks first, when it comes to faucets. That’s only natural, since the valve is exposed to the water pressure at all times. Fortunately, when the shower faucet valve breaks, you don’t have to change the entire faucet: you can simply replace the valve. There are several faucet types, each with its particularities. When it comes to picking one for your shower, it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each valve type.

 Shower Faucet Valve Types

Compression valves are probably the most common type, but they are not usually used for showers, rather in laundry rooms or outside. This valve works by compressing a seal against the water inlet, when you turn the handle to shout off the water. Cartridge valve faucets are single handled mixing faucets, featuring a cartridge and separate water inlets, for cold and hot water. The cartridge has a series of holes, used to regulate the water temperature by turning the handle. When the handle in turned, the holes get aligned (or not) with the hot and cold water inlets, allowing you to obtain the right water temperature. This shower faucet valve type breaks when the rubber rings around the cartridge and the inlets fail. Another option is the ball shower faucet. This type of faucet has a ball that sits on the top of the valve seat. The ball is grooved and when you turn the handle the grooves get aligned with the hot and cold water inlets. This type of valve is pretty durable, since there are no rubber rings to break. However, in time, dirt and lime scale build around the ball, causing it to fail. Also, the ball valve can become chipped or cracked. One of the latest types of shower faucet valve is the disc faucet. The movement of a series of grooved ceramic disks controls the water. This type of valve is very durable – the disks are the only moving parts and, because they are closely packed they don’t develop mineral deposits.

 Shower Faucet Valve Repair

Shower faucet valve leaks… is there something more annoying that that constant dripping, day and night? And the dripping is not the biggest problem. In fact, you are wasting huge quantities of water, which is really bad for the planet and for your own pocket. Not to mention the fact that rust and lime scale will build in your shower, because of the water constantly leaking. If your shower faucet started leaking, the first thing you need to check is the valve. Make sure you turn off the main water pipe that comes into your house. Then, remove the handle of the faucet and the panel covering the pipes and the faucet’s body. Remove the faucet’s cartridge and locate the valves. Take the cartridge with you at the hardware store, just to be certain you buy the right shower faucet valve replacement. Put the valve in place, install the cartridge and turn the water on, to see if you install it correctly. If there is no leakage, you can put the shower panels back and install the handles.

 How To Buy Shower Faucet Valve Parts            

Well-established, big faucet manufacturer also provide you replacement parts for their products. This is why, when buying new faucets for your kitchen and bathroom, try to buy good quality products, from reliable manufacturers, which provide you customer support and good quality replacement parts. If you need to buy some new parts for your faucet, the first place to start looking is the store where you initially purchased the item. It’s a very good idea to keep the box of the faucet, because on the box you find the exact faucet model. If you don’t have the original package, you can simply take the broken part with you to the hardware store and ask the seller to help you find the right replacement. If you are unable to find the right replacement parts at your local hardware store, you should search for them online. Visit the website of the manufacturer and contact customer support for further information.