Wool ties are accessories indispensible for every man’s wardrobe. There are a lot of occasions when you will have to wear one. During cold season, when you put on heaver, thicker jackets, you need to adjust the tie to your outfit. A silk or satin tie doesn’t look to great if you try to match it with a thick jacket. So, during winter or any other times when you decide on a warm, thick jacket, wool ties are a must. You can also find ties made of wool where the fabric is quite thin – you can wear them all year, but you need to make sure they truly match your light jackets. Those ties create a chunkier knot then the rest of the ties, so make sure you take a look in the mirror, after you put one on. 

Wool Brown Striped Skinny Tie
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Heavy fabrics, like wool and cashmere, are a little pretentious when it comes to the knot. Make sure you make a correct knot, free of wrinkles, and your tie will look great. Also, you need to make a tight knot, to avoid that bulky, messy look.

Another great thing about Solid Black Wool Tie-2 Inch WidthCredit: Amazon.comthose ties is they look sophisticated and elegant, and they are perfect for any type of outfits, from casual to formal. Wool is a fabric with a lot of character, with a textured appearance, which means that you can try unconventional colors when wearing wool ties. Strong, bright colors can look great on those ties, because the texture of wool adds a lot of warmth and shades to the main color, even if it’s a loud one, like bright red or green.

Wool ties will last for years, if you treat them nicely. First of all, you should know that practically all ties need dry cleaning. You can’t just put them in the washing machine, because they are made of delicate materials. With wool, proper cleaning is essential. Wool shrinks a lot if you put it in warm water, so, unless you want a miniature tie, don’t do that. Just take your ties to dry cleaning

Scottish Wool Ties – Both Casual And Formal

 Scottish wool ties are very versatile accessories. You can wear them for special occasions, like your wedding, with a traditional costume, Grey Wool Skinny Tie With A Plaid PatternCredit: Amazon.comif your family has Scottish roots. However, you don’t necessarily need to be from Scotland to wear colorful Scottish wool ties. What is the main characteristic of this popular Scottish-style accessory? The plaid pattern, which combines different colors and shades of colors. If you want to transform your basic jacket and shirt into something chic and eye-catching, try those plaid wool ties. They’ve been around for decades, but they are still fashionable and you can wear them not only with a jacket, but also with a V-neck wool vest. 

When you are wearing those accessories, you need to be careful about the way you match them. Plaid pattern generally Blue And Green Wool Tie-Plaid PatternCredit: Amazon.comcombines more than two colors, so you should keep the other items from your outfit as simple as possible. When you put on plaid wool ties, you should avoid wearing plaid pattern on your jacket and shirt.  Those colorful ties are great accessories for ladies, as well. A little imagination, and you’ll be able to turn a plain, dull outfit into a colorful, amusing one. A plaid skirt can be match with a simple white shirt and a plaid tie, to create an interesting, chic visual effect.

Try To Pick Narrow Wool Ties

Wool and cashmere are thick fabrics, so if you have ties made of such materials, the knot will be bulky, larger then the knot of a silk tie. To avoid huge knots, you should pick narrow wool ties. This way, the smaller dimensions of the tie will compensate for the thickness of the material and you’ll be able to make a knot that looks elegant and slick.

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When it comes to style and elegance, give a chance to one of the best options for wool ties, GQ brand. They offer a huge variety of good quality, elegant ties, so you will certainly find items that suit your tastes. You can also buy great jackets, shirts and other clothing items under the same brand. This way, you’ll be able to perfectly match all your outfits.