Card Counting Is A Big No-No

No one will dispute that Las Vegas is one of the greatest destinations you can choose for a vacation. As great as the city is, it is too tempting sometimes to do a few things that can get you into trouble. You need to understand what you can do and what you cannot get away with in Sin City. Here are the things that you should know to avoid getting into trouble while on a Vegas vacation.

No Cheating

If you are in the city to gamble then you need to make sure that you follow all the rules so that you can enjoy your time in Vegas to the fullest. Some people will try to cheat the casinos and the gaming commission takes that type of behavior very seriously. The casinos have also made it nearly impossible to cheat, and if you try it there are enough eyes on the sky that you will probably be caught.

Card counting is not illegal, but if you are a suspected card counter the casino will probably ask you to leave. The casino has the right to kick you out even though you are not doing anything against the law because they have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. There is also a chance that if you are a card counter your information will be shared with other establishments.

Don’t Drink Too Much

It is easy to drink a bit too much while in Las Vegas. Drinks while you are playing at a casino are on the house (minus tips of course), and when you step outside those giant cocktail glasses seem very tempting. Drinking too much can make you not think rationally and that can mean that you can lose your money at the games or lose more than that on the street. If you feel that you had a little too much to drink then take a cab instead of driving. You will need all of your senses when driving in las Vegas especially on the strip.

Despite laws against drinking in public, you will see a lot of people with alcoholic drinks on the street and they will not be stopped. The bars are open all day long so the laws against drinking in public are not really enforced with the exception of cases where there is disorderly conduct. The law could also be enforced at any time so you are better off drinking indoors.

Prostitution Is Not Legal

With all the flyers and cards distributed in Las Vegas you may think that prostitution is legal in the city. Prostitution is legal in some parts in Nevada, but Vegas is not one of those places. There is always a chance that if you call one of those numbers you could end up being robbed and because you were engaging in an illegal activity in the city the police will not help you. Other counties and cities in Nevada have also restricted prostitution activities and those are Douglas, Washoe, Carson City and Lincoln.

No Gaming Under 21

Only people over the age of 21 can gamble in Las Vegas. If you are ont over 21 you should not even try to use a fake ID nor should you place one coin in a slot machine. The casinos are very strict in the enforcing of this law because if they do not they could lose their license. If you play any game you could be escorted out and even if you win you would not be allowed to take the winnings. If you were to use a fake ID then you could even serve some time in jail. Just wait until you are 21 so that you can really enjoy everything Vegas has to offer.