Car For Sale Sign


Everyone wants a new car. Unfortunately they are usually very expensive. Many people have to settle with used cars because they are cheaper. Buying used doesn't have to be bad though. A large number of buyers get scammed into buying a car that is old and needs more repair than what's advertised. If you look closely and can identify the condition, then you can make a decision whether to buy or not.

Leasing VS. Buying

Never lease a car! Leasing may feel like the better thing to do because you'll always have a newer car but you don't own the car. With leasing you have to make a down payment of a few thousand dollars, pay a monthly payment, and pay high fees for dents and scratches made when you leased the car. Another way dealers get you is from mileage fees. Leased cars have terms for mileage. If you put on more miles than allowed, you will be charge a high fee (usually around $0.25/mile) from every mile you went over. This can become very costly. At least with buying a car, you own it and there are no mileage limits or hidden fees involved.


If the mileage on a car is higher than what the car is worth than stay away from it. Now a days, many cars will die at around 200,000 miles. Do not buy a car that is close to the 200,000 mile mark. Cars that have less than 100,000 miles will cost much more but will last many years. It still beats paying for the price of a new car.

One other thing to ask is if the car has mostly highway or city miles. Highway miles are better because driving in the city wears out the car quicker from all the starting and stopping.

Age of The Car

The age of the car is a big thing to consider when deciding which car to buy. Newer cars will cost more in insurance but at the same time they will save you money on repairs. Older cars are better for young people who are just starting to drive. Insurance is expensive for a new person since they don't have much experience so an older car will help keeps the insurance cost down.

The Visual Appeal of The Car

This one will need a closer look at the car. Look around the car for things like scratches, dents, and rust. These will devalue the car and just don't look good. Scratches and dents are fixable if small enough but a huge scratch in the car is nearly unrepairable. Rust is the worst out of all three because it is very noticeable and non-fixable.


If the tires are old, then they will need replacing. Tires Can go for $100+ each depending on the type of car you are purchasing. This can add a few hundred dollars so either use this to negotiate the price of the vehicle down or don't buy the car.

The Interior

The inside of the car is another thing to consider. If you find ripped seats, radio button broken, or missing things then this is not a good car to buy. Use this as another way to negotiate the price down if you do decide to buy the car.

Car Parts & Hidden Problems

If the automobile is making squeaky sounds or the brakes are bad then this is an unsafe vehicle and it will cost you money in hidden repairs. Always go on a test drive before buying the car. This will let you experience the feel of the car and allow you to notice any strange things the car does, such as weird noises. If you notice a car like this and the seller tries to hide it and doesn't mention all the problems the automobile has then it is best to find a different vehicle with a more reliable seller.