During the introduction phase of leather furniture industry, only the elite and highly social people were the ones who could afford to buy it. Perhaps, it was because leather commands higher price as compared with other materials. This elite's association to leather furniture created the notion that leather chairs are only best suited for living room and office's lounge because these places resemble the elegance of a home or office.

Leather's market expansion paved the way for more affordable leather furniture and more people can now afford to buy leather furniture. It became more popular and was highly used in the production of leather chairs and ottomans furniture. If ever you are considering a renovation or taking a new arrangement for your living room, here are some tips on how check if the leather chair being sought for is genuine or otherwise.

Durability is the most important factor when choosing leather chair and other furniture. This is based on the grade or leather's grain. Higher grade of leather comes from the outer surface of the hide. Leather from outer surface is known to be stronger than the lower surface. On the other hand, leather from the lower surface is identified as split-grain and is known to be of weaker quality. Therefore, low grade means low price and high-grade commands higher price. You will get the value of what you pay for. Extremely expensive leather is the one that has soft texture and has no visible pigments in the hide, resulting to leather that looks so natural. More affordable leather, on the other hand, is usually made from lower grade of hides and is coated to protect it from possible discoloration.

Leather making undergoes several processes and leather's quality is graded according to the way it is finished. The more processes it had been, the more price it commands from the buyer. There is a process called aniline, wherein the leather of highest quality is being soaked in an aniline dye. Aniline leaves wrinkles on the leather, which enhances leather's natural look making it more expensive.

Next consideration is the texture. Soft and highly flexible leathers are of higher quality as compared with stiffer ones. Stiff texture, of course, tends to become brittle due to over use and exposure to sunlight.

These pieces of information may not be complete to give you every detail to be considered when buying a leather chair. However, having knowledge of these simple and basic considerations will be helpful enough.