Responsibility For Your Pet

Most people like the idea of owning a pet whether it be a cat, dog, rabbit or bird. The companionship offered by owning an animal is a great benefit, however it is important to fully understand what owning a pet entails and not to just rush into it. Often people are unaware of the commitment of owning a dog, cat or rabbit. Here are a few things to consider before buying one.

  • Can you afford it?   

Owning a pet can be very expensive not only do you have the initial cost of the pet itself, you
also will need various equipment. For example feed bowls, litter tray, litter, brushes,
hutch, lead etc. After you have bought your pet and all the equipment you will also have to get your pet vaccinated yearly this is especially important for Considerations of Owning A Petdogs, cats and rabbits. Also neutering your pet is part of being a responsible owner and these operations are very costly. After all this you will have the ongoing cost of food, flea and worming treatments and also any manner of unknown veterinary treatments may be required. Cats can last upwards of 20 years, so consider this a long commitment. On top of this you may have to get insurance to cover medical bills if your animal gets injured or sick. Owning a pet can very expensive, if you can’t afford it then don’t get an animal.

  • Do you have the right environment for a pet?

Are you allowed a pet in your apartment or building. Is the environment animal friendly. Consider the size of the space if you live in a small place than a large dog may not be appropriate. Make sure you get a pet appropriate for your family life, consider anyone with pet allergies.

  • Do you have the time?

Pets take up a lot of time. Cats and dogs need a lot of nurturing and time to get house trained. Dogs need walking anything from 1-3 times a day as well as training. Do not get a dog if you are not able to take it out. Small furry animals like rabbits and guinea pigs need hutches cleaning out regularly otherwise they are at risk of contracting fatal diseases such as flystrike. Furry pets will need grooming regularly and also you need time to play with your pet which is important to enrich their environment. If you are out at work for long hours is it fair to get a pet when they will be left alone for long periods of time?

Pets are bought on a whim and abandoned, so please be responsible and consider whether you have the money, time and right environment to look after a pet.