Every good website undergoes growth and eventually the resources offered by shared and virtual private servers become insufficient. If your website has reached that point then you might be thinking about renting a dedicated server. There are two types of dedicated hosting plans available in the market. Firstly, we have managed dedicated hosting in which the host takes full responsibility of managing the server. Secondly we have unmanaged hosting in which you have to do everything by yourself. Both types of hosting target different groups of people. The former is ideal for non-technical people who don't have much knowledge related to server management. The latter is often chosen by tech savvy people.

Managed dedicated hosting has several advantages but there are some important things that you must consider:

- A managed hosting plan costs much higher than unmanaged hosting plans offered by the same company. This is because the company has to bear additional costs for managing the servers for their clients. Because of the higher price a lot of people can't afford this type of hosting.

- Sometimes it happens that a company labels its hosting packages as "fully managed" to attract more customers, but the servers stay unattended for long periods of time. This is very harmful for your website because outdated software can create many security loopholes giving hackers and viruses a chance to steal your data. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep an eye on the activities of your host. 

However, this problem exists in case of small companies only. Reputed web hosts have experienced professionals who monitor your server 24/7 and keep all applications up-to-date.

- It is very important that you compare the prices of several companies before reaching a final decision. Because of the severe competition in the industry, the prices vary greatly. With some luck you might come across a host that offers great managed services at a very low price. If you are on a tight budget then you can also try hosting your site on a VPS instead of a dedicated server.

Running a website used to be very difficult in the past. But thanks to new technologies and intelligent services this job is much easier these days. Managed dedicated server hosting is a boon for people who want dedicated capabilities but don't have the knowledge needed to manage a server effectively. If you keep the above mentioned things in mind then you won't run into problems.

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