In a wedding, the bride is supposed to be the center of attention, but let's not forget the importance of maid of honor. She has to remain next to the bride which makes her presence really special. To match the occasion and signify her importance, she must be dressed in a lovely outfit.

The dress of the bride of honor should be similar to other bridesmaids; however, there should be some element of difference. After all, she has to be dressed in a way to reveal to the guests that she is the maid of honor.

In ancient times, the bride and the maid of honor used to be dressed identically. This act was meant to repel any evil spirits from spoiling the wedding. Those were just old time ideas; however, things have changed now. The dress for the maid of honor is no longer similar to the bride. Moreover, the attempt to upstage the bride in any way is considered to be an insult.

According to the norm these days, a maid of honor must dress in such a way that she leaves the center stage for the bride. It's a big day for her so she should enjoy the spotlight. But at the same time, maid of honor has to look the second best. For this, she has to choose a dress after thorough consideration.
The selection can be a bit tough. However, the task can be accomplished in a better way if both, bride and maid of honor try to complete it together. Mainly, the dress should go with the color scheme of the wedding.

While shopping for it, make sure it's as formal as the bridal dress and somewhat matches with the bridesmaids' dresses. There should be something to set the bride of honor apart. Whether it's her dress or the flowers she is carrying, there must be some element to make her prominent from other bridesmaids.

For maid of honor dresses, there is much flexibility in terms of color and style. She can pick almost any color, but a bride should have the freedom to decide how the contrast can match with others. Occasionally, the maid of honor dress can be of the same color and material as the bridesmaids'. However, it can still be made more elaborate by slightly different cuts. The idea here is to make her look more formal. But it all goes down to the choice of the bride and maid of honor.

The difference should be such that they are not much prominent but easy to notice. With these minor differences, you can provide a special position to the maid of honor in the bridal party. Certainly, it's important to glorify the maid of honor, but it's vital that she appears to be a part of the same party. In order to bring that unique look reserved for the maid of honor, you can give her different accessories. While selecting a dress for maid of honor, you come across a variety of styles and designs, but make sure they blend with the occasion.