So how about it? Plan a vacation at home. If you live alone, get a good friend to join you in planning for it. It may serve just as well a vacation away-from-home, to give you that desired interlude in your busy life. Here are 7 ways to do to keep busy while staying at home:

  1. Collect souvenirs. Travelers often collect souvenirs. Now, what could you find at home? Perhaps some unusual stones for a terrarium or just a bowlful of them as a conversation piece. You can think of other things. Like seashells. Autumn leaves. Shrubs and plants (even weds) to dry for decoration.

  2. Ask friends over for a visit. Ask them over a cup of coffee or tea. Ask older ones to relate their youth for the benefit of younger ones. Why not record the stories?

  3. Send letters to loved ones and friends. When on vacation, many send postcards to loved ones and friends. For a vacation at home, catch up on that bundle of letters in the desk drawer. Let your friends know you love them and have not forgotten them.

  4. See where to go in your hometown. If you had visitors come to your town or city, where would you take them? What could they see? At fist, you might think there is not much of interest, but that is often because you take your hometown for granted. Investigate what is there.

There might be a museum nearby. Or a factory that offers tours. Some candy or chocolate factories give not only tours but samples too. A local farmer may be willing to show your children the animals – how to gather eggs from chickens, or even how to milk a cow.

  1. Create the experience at home. You may spare Mom from cooking by visiting ethnic restaurants. With their particular food – Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Greek – and their décor, and perhaps music, you can easily imagine you are dining in a foreign land.

But what if you do not have such restaurants in your town? From the library you can get information on how people dress and eat. Imagine that you are in India, for instance. A cookbook with recipes for Indian curry dishes will give you a start for a meal that is not too difficult to prepare. You could even adapt their manner of dress for the evening

You could also make do with the ten tin the backyard. You might also settle for some unhurried hikes in the nearby countryside and, while there, collect wildflowers and watch some animals and birds.

  1. Catch up on all those jobs around the house that you have neglected. Would it not be a relief to finally have that leak in the roof repaired and those squeaky hinges silenced once and for all? You may expend no more energy dong that needed work than you would playing games, swimming, or hiking.

  2. Do more reading and studying. Research any subject of interest to you. Take down from your library shelf a bound volume of magazines. Do not be surprised if you find yourself sidetracked and reading other delightful articles. By the time you look up, it is already dinnertime. Relax. Remember, you are on vacation.