Buying and owning a dog is a huge responsibility that takes both time and patience.  There will be many things that you may not expect with becoming an owner.  Preparing yourself for your new pet is important before you take on the responsibility of owning one.


Choose the Type of Dog

There are so many different breeds of dogs out there.  It is a good idea to do some research on the breed of dog you are interested in before you go out and buy one.  The type of breed you choose really depends on the lifestyle that you live.


Sporting Dogs LabCredit: Morgue File

-Labrador Retrievers

-Golden Retrievers

-Irish Setters

-German Pointers

These dogs were bred to be an assistance to people who were hunters.  If you train your dog right, he can make an excellent hunting dog.  A lot of these dogs are especially  great at duck hunting.


Hard WorkersHuskyCredit: Morgue File



-Saint Bernards

-Doberman Pinschers

-Great Danes

These are all examples of dogs who were made to work.  Huskies were bred to pull Alaskan sleds.  These dogs also are very protective and make great guard dogs as well.  If there is anyone knocking at the door, they will be the first to be barking to check to see who it is.


TerriersTerrierCredit: Morgue File

-Miniature Schnauzers

-American Staffordshire Terrier

-Scottish Terriers

Terriers are known to be feisty, but with the right people, they can be very loving as well.  One drawback to terriers is that they always seem as though they are barking.  If you live on a busy street you will probably notice that your terrier barks at every car that drives past.  This may get rather annoying.


ToysToy poodleCredit: Morgue File



-Miniature Pinschers

-Toy Poodles


-Shih Tzus

People prefer toy dogs because they are so small.  If you live in a small house or even an apartment that accepts pets, a toy dog may be the breed that you are looking for.  Big takes can take up a lot of room, not to mention they get very expensive since they eat so much.


Buy the Proper Supplies

Owning a dog requires some money so if you are not financially able to raise a pet, don’t even think about getting a dog.  There are many things that you will need before you purchase your dog.  Pet food is one of the most important supplies along with a food and water dish.  If you cannot afford quality pet food your pet may become unhealthy.  Buying the cheapest pet food on the market may have negative side effects for your pet.  Another investment you will need is a crate or a kennel.  Especially if you are buying your pet as a puppy, you never know what they may do.  Even if you are thinking of adopting an adult dog, being in a new house can really be different and having an accident can be common.  Not to mention coming home to a chewed up couch and ripped up carpet is the last thing you would want.  A collar and a heavy duty leash is another essential to add to your supply list because you will need to take your dog out for a walk.  A collar that secures like a belt instead of snaps together is a better idea because you don’t have to worry about it coming undone as your dog tries to take off after a squirrel.  Puppy or dog toys is another good investment for your dog.  Even if it is a bone for him to chew on, it is important to have something available at all times to keep your pup busy.  Buying a fresh raw meat bone from your local meat market can be a very healthy treat for your best furry friend.  If you have a long haired pet, you will probably want to buy grooming supplies.  A good razor, a comb and shampoo is a good idea to keep your pet looking tidy and clean.


Puppy Proof Your Home

If you are thinking about buying a puppy, there are some special things you will want to buy before you bring them home.  A baby gate is almost an essential.  This is an excellent item to have so you can block off the doorways and keep your pet confined in certain areas of you house.  You probably know that puppies have a playful, yet naughty attitude and may jump and steal food off of the counters.  The best thing for you to do is to keep the food up and out of reach of your new puppy.  Make sure you pick up anything that could be potentially dangerous for your puppy.  Cords from your stereo system or your laptop are important items to keep away from your puppy.


Pick Out Your Puppy

This is the best part about owning a new pet; picking it out.  Make sure you choose one carefully as you are going to be with your dog for at least 7 years or longer.  Choosing a friendly pup that comes up and greets you can be a wonderful experience.


Train Your Dog

Your dog may already be trained if they are an adult, but if not a dog training class may be what you and your new friend need.  These training classes are run by professionals that have spent ears of studying animal behavior.  It is important to work with your pet at home as well, teaching them the commands and actions they have learned in class and always making sure to reward them with a treat for good behavior.


Choose Your Vet and Enjoy Your Pet

Choosing a vet is important as they will need a check up every so often as well as their distemper and rabies shot.  You may want to meet with a few veterinarians and find out their expertise and what they offer to the pets.  The best part about owning a dog is enjoying them to the fullest.  Playing with your dog and enjoying life together is an amazing feeling.

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