The summer is just around the corner here in Limassol, with temperatures ranging from 28 to 33 Celsius; it seems to be a nice preview of what this summer is going to be like. Limassol is my hometown and a great place to visit in general, but in the summer it is even more beautiful and exciting. Below you can find some reasons on why you should visit Limassol and some tips on how to spend your days here!

THE SEA AND THE SUN: The best things here in Cyprus are the hot sun and the beautiful sandy beaches. In my opinion the best beaches are right here, in Limassol. Starting from “Kourion” village where you can find one of the warmest, sandiest beaches. A few meters away there is a more rocky beach, for the more adventurous swimmer. The sea is mostly “wavy” around the sandy beach area and towards the rocky area there are strong underwater currents, so you must be careful if you decide to swim there; many accidents have happened in the past, some even fatal.

Moving towards the city of Limassol, you will find “The Lady's Mile” coast. The Lady's Mile coast is about 2 km of sandy beaches with many restaurants along the beach. The water there is warm and really shallow. There are many beach volley courts and some beach soccer courts as well. Don't hesitate to spend the day and have lunch or dinner there, because the fish is always fresh and really good., A few kilometres further towards the city, you can see the main coastline which starts from the old port and extends till the “Saint Raphael” hotel (about 20km away). Along the coastline there are many beach bars to lounge about, have a drink and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea.

There are many water sports to try as well and many other beaches to choose from. In my opinion the best beaches are the ones at Saint Raphael and at the Olympian beach, which is the first one you encounter after the old harbour. Finally you can also visit the “Governor's Beach” which located about 15 minutes away from Limassol, but still a great beach to visit. There you can see the white rock beaches and enjoy some really fresh fish.


PEOPLE: I am sure you have heard in the media that for the past 2 months Cyprus has undergone a financial crisis, but don't let this fool you!. Cyprus is indeed faced with a financial crisis, but we are Cypriots and we are stubborn! Even if things are really hard we always stay the same and keep up the generous and hospitable spirit we are so known for.

We are always happy to see people coming to our beautiful country and enjoying their time and we will keep celebrating life, like we know we can! We are still the same, outgoing, friendly people we have always been! I cannot be sure for people in other cities but at least in Limassol, we look to the future with hope and we don't let a tiny misfortune run our lives. The summer hasn't even officially started yet but we are already having fun at the beach and that is something that no crisis in the world can forbid us from doing! In all honesty though, there are of course exceptions, as in every country. It is not improbable that you might come across some grumpy and somewhat racist people here, but at least they rarely speak their mind in public.


THINGS TO SEE AND DO: Here in Limassol there are many places you can visit, depending on your interests of course. There are many restaurants and cafés to eat at and/or enjoy a beverage, places to have a good time and places for any kind of entertainment you like really, besides gambling.

Let us start with some places you should visit; first the Limassol medieval castle! Right in the centre of Limassol, you can see the castle, which used to be a fortress against foreign intruders, After finishing your tour, you can sit around the castle in one of the many restaurants and cafés and enjoy a drink, or even a nice lunch as well in the many gourmet or family restaurants. Dishes vary, from elaborate to simple, like hamburgers and sandwiches; the choice is really up to you!

Around the same area is Saint Andrews street, where you can find many shops selling traditional accessories and many souvenir shops. A few hundred meters from St Andrews street is Saripolou street and the old traditional market. If you go in the morning , when it is open, you can find it full of fresh fruit and vegetables, thriving butcher shops and even bakeries. Around the market, the newly renovated cafés and restaurants are a must for a “chill” night out or a morning coffee and/or breakfast. You can visit many places for entertainment in Limassol. If you want to go clubbing, then you should visit the tourist area where most of the clubs and night bars are located. If you are more into the rock scene, a place to go to is the “Teepee” rock bar in the tourist area. There are many rock bars in Limassol but for me “Teepee” is the best one, along maybe with the newly established Roadhouse rock bar.

Another attractive alternative , if you are in Limassol on a Sunday, is Guaba beach bar! This club-bar ranks 15th in the top 100 clubs in the world this year and that's all due to its crazy Sundays!. However, for more relaxing entertainment you can visit one of our three bowling centers. The first one is inside the Limassol mall, so if you want to mix shopping with entertainment, it’s a good place to visit. For shopping you can also visit the Anexartisias street right in the middle of Limassol. There you can find many famous brand names to choose from. In addition, for a day full of excitement, you can visit the Fasouri Watermania Waterpark! Last but not least, I would highly recommend to visit at least one of the many traditional villages around Limassol, where you can see the culture of Cyprus at its best and try out each village's unique food and/or beverages.


EATING OUT: In Cyprus, we are known for eating a lot and drinking even more, so while staying here in Limassol, you should really try some of the traditional food and drinks. Something that you have to try for sure is sheftalia. You can find them in every kebab shop in the city. You should also try Souvla, which is our traditional food. We usually have it on Sundays. It is usually pork , lamb or chicken barbecued, cooked above charcoals; but keep in mind that no one can make it taste better than Cypriots! You should also try Halloumi and mushrooms roasted on charcoals. If you have a sweet tooth, then you should try Palouze or Shushuko, both made mostly from grapes and nuts! In addition, instead of adding honey in sweets or ice creams, you should try carob milk or carob syrup instead, which has a very distinctive flavour and goes great with tea as well. I am not very familiar with traditional drinks and beverages, but if you want to try something new, then go with try Airani ( pronounced a-irani ) or you can also try some of the many wines produced here in Cyprus, like koumantaria! I hope you enjoyed this article and if you are planning to come to Limassol and need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m more than happy to help!