There are plenty of ways to stay busy in the City of Trees during the warm months; and here are just a few things to do in Boise in the summer. I've included several options for families, children and adults, so you're sure to find something that will fit your lifestyle.

Hike Up Table Rock

Table Rock is one of Boise's premier landmarks (it's the hill top with the giant cross), and there are a network of hiking trails leading up to it. These trails are what I'd consider "medium intensity" as there are some decently steep sections - but don't worry, you're never overlooking a cliff face, it's just the degree of incline that I'm talking about.

It's completely free to hike up to Table Rock.

The trailhead is located just behind the historic old penitentiary in the North End of Boise.

Float The Boise River

What a great way to enjoy the afternoon and stay cool from the hot summer sun. The float is fairly easy going, with no river experience necessary. But there are a couple of semi-rough spots that might seem scary on the first pass, especially for young children or those afraid of water.

You can bring your own inflatable tubes or rafts, or rent one from the Boise Parks & Rec department for about $5.

The drop-in is located at Barber Park in Southeast Boise, and there's usually plenty of space to park. Take-out is at Anne-Morrison Park in Downtown Boise. I'd recommend leaving one car near the drop-in and one at the take-out for convenience, otherwise you can ride the shuttle bus back to Barber park when you're done (for a couple of dollars, I think).

Go Mini Golfing

Just west of the Boise City Limits in Meridian is a miniature golf course called "Wahooz!" It used to be known as "Boondocks," but changed its name a few years ago with new business ownership. The course is a very popular attraction for all ages, especially once the sun comes out.

Wahooz! Is located just off the Meridian exit of Interstate-84 (exit #44). It's on the south side of the exit - you'll definitely see it.

Play Frisbee Golf / Disc Golf

Some call it "Frisbee Golf," others prefer "Disc Golf," but regardless of the nomenclature, Anne Morrison Park has one of the biggest disc golf courses in the area. And it's completely free to play, but you will need your own discs or frisbees.

While you're there, you can enjoy the serenity of Boise's biggest park. Maybe have a picnic and feed the ducks?

Anne Morrison Park is centrally located in Downtown Boise.

Enjoy Local Entertainment At "Alive After Five"

Every summer, the city of Boise hosts "Alive After Five" on Wednesday nights. You'll find street vendors, local music and performance artists and lots of good food and beverages. There are usually even some activities for the kids, such as jungle gyms and astro jumps.

Alive After Five happens in Downtown Boise, and there's no cover charge to attend.

Buy Local At The Farmer's Market

Every Saturday morning, the city's best vendors come together to form the "Farmer's Market." You'll find just about anything you can imagine in this four-block market, from fresh food and drinks to hand-crafted art and even the occasional musical CD.

Be sure to bring cash or checks, though. Since the booths are set up outside, the vendors aren't able to run credit cards or debit cards.

The Boise Farmer's Market is located in the 8th Street area of Downtown Boise.

And So Much More

The great thing about Boise is that it's almost impossible to get bored. The city is clean, the people are friendly and there is a wide assortment of activities to keep even the most active person busy all summer long.

I've listed out some of my favorites, but there are countless others that also deserve some attention. That's where you come in! If I left out your favorite things to do in Boise in the summer, feel free to include them in the comments section below!