If you are considering taking a trip to the New England area, perhaps you are thinking about visiting Boston. If so, then read this article to get some ideas of what you can do up there. Boston is a beautiful town located in Massachusetts. It's a very historical city, with beautiful scenery, museums, sports, and a variety of other things to do that is sure to please everyone in the family.

1. Freedom Trail.

Perhaps one of the most popular things to do is the Freedom Trail. This trail covers 16 historic sites in Boston. It's a 2.5 mile long trail that many choose to walk. It's a self-guided tour, however, you can also ride a trolley if you would prefer that instead of walking. Many people prefer to stop and look around at the exhibits and sites on the trail, taking almost a whole day to complete the trail. This is something fun to do if you plan for the whole day! It's a great idea for the kids because it will make their history become real to them as they see it before their eyes.

2. Boston Children's Museum.

Something else that's fun to do with the kids is go to Boston Children's Museum. It is open every day from 10 AM – 5 PM (open from 10 AM-9 PM on Fridays). Every kid loves a children's museum for all of it's hands on activities and games. Parents love it because their kids are learning as they play. The Boston Children's Museum rates vary. Generally it costs about $12 a person. However, if you look on their website you can see that if you go certain times you can get it a little bit cheaper.

3. Boston Public Library.

A fun and free activity is checking out the Boston Public Library. This may not be everyone's favorite thing to do on vacation, but some may be interested in seeing the nation's first library. Check the website out to get the detailed hours. You can even go on a scheduled tour that shows the architecture.

4. Courageous Sailing.

Something fun for the whole family may be a day on the boat. You can go boating with Courageous Sailing on Pier in the Charleston Navy Yard. To get more information, check out their page and click on "groups" and it give more information about how to just go out for the day with your family. You can have someone drive the boat, or you can get it all to yourself!

5. Sports.

If you are into sports, then how about checking out some sports in Boston! The options you have will depend on what time of the year you come to Boston. You can watch the Boston Red Sox play in Gillette Stadium. You can watch the Boston Celtics play. You can even see some women's soccer games if you come at the right time.

There is something for everyone in Boston! If you are interested in going to Boston, then you can plan on a very enjoyable trip with something to do for everyone. Depending on when you go, you may need to pack some warmer clothes because it can get very cold up there. Summers can be fairly moderate though.