Granada is a city in southern Spain that would make the perfect destination for any summer holiday. It is a city full of culture and history, and at the same time, a modern sense of life. Within its boarders, Granada can offer an exceptional array for sight seeing, and an abundance of entertainment for the nightlife.

Those interested in this nightlife will be pleased to find bars, restaurants, and clubs all throughout the city. A thriving student population, and a good number of study abroad participants, ensures that there are plenty of establishments catering to the younger crowds. Spanish culture is also already more geared to the nightlife, with a siesta in the middle of the day that allows everyone to be up later.

The most famous type of restaurant to visit will be one of the many tapas bars. These are bars that serve a variety of Spanish appetizers with the drinks. Instead of eating regular meals, it is common for people to just order the drinks and eat the tapas. Some restaurants will take requests for the tapas you get, and others will serve you a random assortment of dishes.

For those interested in the sight seeing, Granada has plenty to occupy your time. The biggest and most obvious attraction, and an essential stop in all southern Spain vacations, is Alhambra, the ancient Muslim fortress. This massive structure overlooking the city is impressive from the inside or outside, but you should make sure to take a tour through at some point. Many of the interior rooms and gardens will take your breath away with their extravagantly decorated walls and fountains.

Make sure that after you go through the fortress you take at good look at it from the outside at the Mirador de San Nicholas. While you are there, you may see some Spanish guitar players having an impromptu jam session. Classical and flamenco guitar is a big part of the culture in the area, and you should try to see a flamenco concert if you can. They hold them in the authentic gypsy caves in the older part of the city.

Also in the older section are a good number of great tea and hookah bars. There is no better way to end a day of sight seeing in Granada than with a nice pot of tea in one of these authentic establishments.

Granada is a wonderful city in southern Spain with a lot to offer anyone on vacation in the area, and as a bonus, you are just an hour away from a bunch of great coastal villages that can make the perfect day trip. Plan to swing by Granada on your next Spanish vacation.