Londons Underground SubwayWhen it comes to things to do in London the Subway or "Tube" can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go on vacation in London.

Picking up a multi-day pass for the subway will be your best bargain if you are going to be spending more than a couple days and you are going to be looking for several things to do in London on vacation.

Jack The Ripper Walking TourJack The Ripper Walking Tours

The first time we joined one of the Jack The Ripper walking tours I did not expect much to be honest. They key with these walking tours is quite honestly the guide. I have been on several walking tours and obviously they are the same because they cover the events and locations where victims were discovered.

The telling of the tale by the tour guide makes the difference between tremendous entertainment and simply a boring walk. If you have not been on a Jack The Ripper walking tour it is one of the things to do in London that everyone should experience once for sure.

Speakers CornerSpeakers Corner At Hyde Park

Speakers Corner is one of those things to do in London tha everyone must experience. Imagine a park filled with everyone religion, race and belief all shouting at the word literally standing on their soapbox for anyone who wants to listen. The debates can get quite heated and it is some of the best fun you will ever have while visiting London.

London TowerLondon Tower

When it comes to things to do in London on vacation history buffs will no doubt find the tour of London Tower like walking back hundreds of years in time. This amazing landmark boasts hundreds of years of royal history as well as some relatively unknown tales that are sheer entertainment.