When travelling on a tight budget Los Angeles definitely has got you covered. Wherever you go, there are free activities here and there, which you and your family can enjoy. You don’t have to spend a lot on entrance fees just to see the beauty of the whole city. Here are 8 things to do in Los Angeles for free that will surely delight you.

Venice Beach

A definite crowd-pleaser, Venice Beach showcases the most amazing street performers in the world. Here, you will find swamis on roller skates, chainsaw jugglers, acrobats, street dancers, and a lot more. Strolling down this beach is definitely an experience not to miss.

Venice BeachCredit: Nicki Mannix

Rodeo Drive

Walking down Rodeo Drive doesn’t mean that you have to spend money on shopping. Because aside from splurging, you can do what most people enjoy doing here, window shopping!

Rodeo DriveCredit: Om via Flickr

Be part of the Audience on TV

Tickets are given free if you plan to be one of the studio audience of your favorite TV shows like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Just make sure to plan it in advance since they are surely in demand.

Studio AudienceCredit: Mick Babcock via Flickr

Griffith Park

The park has more than 4000 acres of beautiful landscape and picnic areas. Hike, bike or have a picnic with your buddies or families here. You can also go to the Griffith Observatory to stargaze, and learn more about stars.

Griffith ParkCredit: Justin Vidamo via Flickr
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Learn Archery

Pasadena Roving Archers gives free Safety and Orientation classes every Saturday for first-timers. Here, you can learn the basics about archery. If you want to learn further, you just need to make a small donation on your subsequent classes.

Pasadena Roving ArchersCredit: michsamp via Flickr

Summer Concerts

During summer, there are a lot of concerts for free in different parks and squares of the city. You can go to Pershing Square to see rock concerts during Saturdays of July, or go to the Santa Monica Pier to watch Twilight concerts that includes indie pop, reggae and rock music.

Pershing SquareCredit: Kevin Case via Flickr

Hollywood Sign

You can hike uphill if you want to take a picture of the Hollywood sign up close, or at least the closest public spot you can use, since its grounds is barred from public. The route to the sign is also a great place to go biking or jogging.

Hollywood Hills SignCredit: Corey Seeman via Flickr

Scenic Drives

If you are a fan of scenic drives, you would definitely enjoy cruising thru Mulholland Drive from Interstate 405 to Laurel Canyon Boulevard, and PCH from Sta. Monica to Zuma Beach in Malibu. Both drives offer amazing sceneries, and fantastic view of Californian landscapes. Drive here either during sunrise or sunsets to experience the scenery better.

Santa Monica PierCredit: Trey Ratcliffe via Flickr

Los Angeles is truly an amazing and beautiful city that offers a lot for tourists who enjoy free activities. Make sure to plan ahead of time grab those free tickets for shows, and to know the schedule of the free tours. Do this, and you will have the most memorable vacation of your life for sure.  

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