From the five mile long bridge connecting the beautiful UP to the beautiful LP, to the island and it's view of the lakes, and the delicious fudge found in almost every shop in the area, Mackinaw is a great place to be. No matter how old you are! You could take your kids to pools and playgrounds or take them toy shopping, or you could go to the bar and get a cold drink. This city has it all!

This is the cheaper, Mackinaw alternative. It has beautiful lake views, stores, and fudge, all cheaper than the tourist filled city of Mackinaw. For people who don't like crowds or are short on money, this is the best place to go out of the whole UP. St Igance is right across the bridge, which means it will have a great view and great hotels. Watch out for some hotels though; one I stayed at was gross with dirt, and mold.

This city is a rich person city. It's golf clubs, yacht clubs, horseback riding clubs, hunting clubs, and other expensive clubs are all over the place. Do you want to move here? Probably not. Do you want to see the lake from this city? Definitley. Go to the beach and find petoskey stones, then sell them on the side of the road! Petoskey is a great city for the upper-class.

An amazing city, the name describes it perfectly. This place is home of the BEAUTIFUL Tehquamenon Falls. Visit it when it's frozen for an even more amazing look at nature! To cheap for Niagra? That's OK, come here! I think this city will be the highlight of your waterfall exploring trip.

I know most of these are north, but everything is beautiful in the north. Us in the south are more developed, leaving less nature for you to visit. Our lack of trees is what caused us to not be in this list. See more of Michigan in my other articles.