Hank Aaron State Trail

One of the interesting things you can do while you are in the Menomonee Valley is going through the Hank Aaron State Trail which runs through the valley. You can enjoy the nature, while you walk, bike, run. The trail goes through the heart of the Menomonee Valley, it also goes past venues like Miller Park, Potawatomi Bingo Casino and the Harley Museum and others. The trail is used by many people. 

Potawatomi Bingo Casino

Potawatomi Bingo Casino is one of the main entertainment attractions in Milwaukee and in the Menomonee Valley. The place opened up as only a bingo hall but after a few expansions it grew to one of the biggest casinos in the state of Wisconsin. It is now in the prossess of expanding again by adding a hotel on the site of the casino. The casino also a 500 seat theater, which attracts some of the big names from around the country called the Northern Lights Theater. The casino also offers six restaurants, a gift shop, table games, slot machines, off track betting and bingo. There is also something there for everyone to enjoy and it attracts people from all over the midwest. 

Miller Park

On the west end of the Menomonee Valley is Miller Park. The park is the home of the Milwaukee Brewers and was opened in 2001. Miller Park has hosted a few things since it opened. Besides the games it played by the Brewers, it has hosted an All Star game in 2002, a couple of concerts, playoff games to name a few. It also home of T.G.I. Friday's Front Row and a Brewers team store, which both of them are opened year round. Miller is a great place to checkout a game, a place to eat and shop. 

Harley- Davidson Museum

On the east end of the valley is the Harley- Davidson Museum. This place has a great variety of types of motorcycles ever made by the company. The museum tells the history about the Harley- Davidson company over the last 110 years. There are some interactive things for adults and the children to try. If you hungry during your visit you can try their restaurant called Motor, which is across the museum. After your visit to the museum you can also visit their gift shop to buy a few thing that relates to Harley- Davidson. The museum is so huge that you might have to make another visit to finish seeing everything that you did not get to see the first time.

Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park is located on the south end of the Menomonee Valley. This is a huge park to walk around in. This park does have some history, which had Jacques Vieau fur trading post that sits on the top of a hill overlooking the Menomonee Valley. Vieau used the trading post to trade with Native American Indians that were in area at the time.  The park is also the home of the Mitchell Park Conservatory, which is also known as the Domes. The Dome attracts thousands of visitors every year. 

Palermo's Pizzeria And Cafe

Palermo's Pizzeria and Cafe is a great place to catch lunch in the area. Besides pizza they also serve sandwiches and other goodies for people to order and to enjoy. The place also serves as a factory in which they also make frozen pizza and deliver it to local grocery stores and other places. They are one of the largest pizza makers in the state of Wisconsin. They also offer on site tours for people who are interested in seeing how pizza is made in their factory.