Jot it Down. Have something to write-on (preferably not a loose leaf) where you can write the places you’ve been to and your comments about it.  Whether it is a park, a famous site or aThings to Do 1Credit: novel nook you have just discovered there, take down your experience.  Write why you like it, what you don’t like about it, or why you would recommend it to others. This way, you could share it with friends or provide your reference.  How did you get there? How much did you pay?  For personal touch, write the time and date of your visit and how you learned about the place.

Walk or Commute on Local Transportation. Find out beforehand how people usually commute.  Try having a joy ride.  Under broad daylight, you could also walk to your destinations or shops to get a feel of the place.

Unless you’re on a guided tour, visit only two places the most. This is a very, very, common tip.  Yes, you are on a tour, an,d yes, a tour is about going places, but it is also about fun and cultural exposure without a headache and information overload.  So choose two places that appeals to your interest the most.

Collect. Don’t go home with nothing but pictures.  Bring something from the locality.  Something not prohibited. Something sold. This is a way to help the economy of the locals and as a way to thank the place for giving you a fresh experience that no one can take away from you.

Let nothing haunt you. Finish with all your responsibilities,Things to Do 2Credit: do something legal and not damaging. Forget whatever you left behind.  Focus on relaxing and having the time of your life cleanly with no strings attached. This is a break after all and you are supposed to enjoy it. 

You deserve this trip.  It is yours for the taking.  Follow these tips and you will surely make it more memorable. Seize the day!