The last few weeks of pregnancy can seem like they are going on forever. I finished work earlier than many pregnant women and those first few weeks off work were great. The house cleaning was sorted and taken care of, the gardening was done and I baked many yummy treats. Once the motivation wore off, I found myself wondering what I could do. Here are some ideas for some bored mums-to-be, or indeed anyone with some spare time at home!


Write on Infobarrel

Of course, writing articles has to be included on this list of options. Infobarrel provides an easy-to-use base for article writing. Connecting infobarrel to google adsense provides a possible income as well. Writing comes easily to some people, but is more difficult for others. Choose topics in which you have background knowledge to make the process easier. One of my articles is all about honey for example. I had heard about the health benefits attributed to honey and did some more research. This gave me enough knowledge to write a summary on the topic. You can sign up here.

Answer Questions on Webanswers

I have had great success with webanswers. Once you have signed up and linked your google adsense account, you simply answer other people’s questions to begin earning money. As with many online endeavours, this is not a get rich quick scheme. It is best to think about it as a profitable way to spend some spare time. You can have a look at webanswers and sign up here.

Plant an Herb Garden

I am not particularly interested in gardening myself, however I did find that planting a small herb garden was a good way to spend some time. The outlay for this experience is not very much either. I bought a rectangular shaped plastic pot in which to plant my herbs. A Styrofoam box is another option for planting herbs. Mint, basil and coriander were the simple herbs I chose. They have been low maintenance and are a fresh accompaniment to add to recipes.


Read a Book

Reading has always been a favourite pastime of mine however I do find it difficult to find books that I like. I searched the internet to find similar authors and books to those that I have read and liked. Then I went to the library to borrow the books. In my case, I wanted some humorous sci-fi books similar to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. My local bookstore recommended Tom Holt. I found several of his books at the library and have spent some relaxing time reading these new finds.

Take a Bath

Finding ways to relax is difficult for some people – myself included. A nice, warm bubble bath can clear your mind. Why not read one of those books while you are soaking in the tub? You could also listen to some calming music to help yourself relax.


Let Your Creative Outlets Flow

Try some creative tasks, especially if there is some creative activity you have always wanted to try. Painting, drawing, poetry and creative writing are some options. Tutorials for how to do many of these are freely available on youtube. Otherwise, you could borrow some ‘how to’ books from the library or buy them from your local bookshop.

Create a Scrapbook or Photobook

If you are waiting patiently for your baby to arrive, you might like to create a treasured keepsake for them. Include photos of your pregnancy and leave room to add pages for after the birth. If you are not so creative or if you prefer a digital option, some websites such as snapfish allow you to create a photobook. With snapfish, you can choose the photobook option and simply drag and drop your photos to make a book. They provide a variety of backgrounds for you to use and optional spaces for notes, captions or comments.


Pregnant women should always use caution when exercising, but it is not an excuse to stop! Giving birth is often compared to being in a marathon. An half an hour walk each day will help keep a person healthy. Simple stretches and light weights can also be explored if you are after more options. Some gyms and community centres offer yoga classes or swimming activities tailored especially for pregnant women. Exercise can also help to clear your mind.

Remember that being pregnant is a special time in your life. Enjoy this period and make the most of this time you have off work. Becoming more relaxed during this time will help you to create a calm, stress-free environment when your child does arrive.