Fun Activities For Children In the Albany New York Area

If you are looking for things to do with children in Albany, New York, you have come to the right place. If you are new to the Albany area, you have probably found that Albany is a small but eclectic city that offers a variety of activities for both adults and children. Some of these activities are fairly well known, such as Chuck E. Cheese's and the like, while other activities for kids in Albany may not be so well known. For example, Many people do not realize the Albany has a planetarium. Children love planetariums; their educational and entertaining and usually offer a wide variety of fun activities. Albany's planetarium is located in the Albany heritage visitors center, and is known as Henry Hudson planetarium. Bear in mind that the Henry Hudson planetarium powers are limited and seasonal, and you should call to check hours and availability before making the trip out there.

Many people believe that Albany NY is a college town. While this is true in fact, do not let the stereotypes associated with "college towns" fool you. Albany New York is a wonderfully family friendly city that offers lots to see and do. Washington Park is another great option if you would like to relax and enjoy a nice day outside. Washington Park is arguably one of the nicest parks available in the city of Albany. It is located on Washington Avenue and hosts a variety of trees and wildlife for you to enjoy. Washington Park is a great way to take a break from the city and enjoy a bit of serenity. This park is just over 80 acres in size, and includes plenty of shady, grassy spots and picnic tables, so there is plenty of room for you to relax and enjoy.

The New York state museum is located in the cultural education Center in the city of Albany. This museum is much larger than it appears to be from the outside, so be sure to have at least a couple of hours available so that you can explore everything that is has to offer. The exhibits are numerous, and the museum is a lot like a maze if you are not familiar with its layout. This museum hosts a tremendous amount of New York history, and includes just about everything from New York wildlife to a touching 9/11 Memorial. The best part about this museum is that it is completely free! If you take the elevator up to the fourth floor, you will find a beautiful carousel upstairs. This carousel is also free to ride (donations accepted) and enjoy periodically throughout the day. There is also a souvenir shop located downstairs near the main entrance of the museum if you would like to buy a small gift or memento before you leave.

The Albany Riverfront Park is another nice location to take your children to enjoy the view of the Hudson River. Some people have been known to fish in the river, while others prefer to sit and watch the water. You can access the Riverfront Park from the Hudson River way pedestrian bridge, located at Quackenbush Square.

Of course, Albany New York has most of the typical things that you would expect to find in the city, including various shopping malls, movie theaters, Albany restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues. But with all the historic and educational alternatives for children in Albany New York, it is probably a better idea to enjoy some of the more historic and picturesque kids activities that the city of Albany has to offer. Rain or shine, shut off the television and enjoy the city of Albany with your kids- you might be surprised at the small treasures that you will find.