If you have decided that you need new set of wooden spoons in your kitchen or you just can not stand that stained old one any more, don't just throw it away.  Here are a few ideas of things you can do with your old wooden spoons, some are fun and some are useful, but all are better than filling garbage dumps.

Make Puppets or Sunflowers

These are great crafts for kids.  Just grab a whole bunch of those little odds and ends you have lying around your crafts cabinet.  If you want to make puppets, you may need to buy some googly eyes or pom-poms, but you can also just draw a face on and add some fabrics and paper board for arms.Make Puppets with Old Wooden SpoonsCredit: The KGB Goes Photo  All you need is glue and some creativity.  If you don't have all the odds and ends lying around, you may want to make sunflowers instead.  Just cut out a flower shape, color it on and glue it on to the back of the wooden spoon.  Make your child feel proud by arranging your child's work in a vase, just as you would arrange flowers.  Or make these for grandma on mother's day and your child will never arrive to her home without seeing his work in full display.

Card Holder for Vases

You could also use your old wooden spoon as a card holder to slip into vases to display the birthday cards that come with flowers.  Simply attach a clothespin to the head of your spoon with a small nail or a rubber band or whatever you have available.  Just prop it up with the next bunch of flowers you receive.  You can also use an old wooden spoon to stabilise those beautiful daisies that tend to hang over the rim as well.

Discipline Your Children

Everyone can remember the threat of the wooden spoon, why let this tradition die?  Write your child's name on your old wooden spoon and put it in a drawer or hang it on a wall somewhere as a reminder that perhaps, one day - you may just actually use it.  Of course you may never pull it out, but the threat of it was all it was about, remember?

Pretend You Are a Rock Star

Whether it is with your kids or just with the mirror as your friend, everyone needs a microphone for those rock star moments in life.  Draw a microphone on the head of the spoon for an extra special touch and then store it with your music collection (or your wine) as generally these moments happen when the two elements are combined.  Just make sure you push the furniture back before you get too carried away.  (Also make sure there are no video cameras in the room; you never know when something will surface on YouTube.)

Wrap Old Yarn Around It 

If you often start knitting projects and then rarely finish them, you may like this trick.  As you unravel that old sweater to start something new, wrap the yarn around the head of an old wooden spoon.  Use a vase to hold several spoons of yarn when you are working on a complex project or simply display your yarn this way in your craft corner.

Make a DusterMake a Duster with an Old Wooden SpoonCredit: The KGB Goes Photo

You or your child can make a feather duster from your old wooden spoon.  Just pick up some long feathers from a craft shop and attach them with glue and rubber bands.  You never know, it may just induce your child to help out and dust their room.  Or you can take one of those old mismatched socks you just haven't thrown away and stick it on over the head of the spoon.  This makes an excellent duster for the tops of door and window frames.  And you can always wash and re-wash that sock every time you need a clean duster.

Make a Bird Feeder

Drill a small hole through the handle of your old wooden spoon or attach a string securely around it.  Coat with peanut butter and bird seed then hang it from a tree.  You can also drive the handle into a flower-pot and coat the top parts with the same mixture to put on your balcony or porch if you don't have convenient trees to hang it from.  This also makes it easier for you to replace when needed.  And of course, the more eye level it is, the easier it is for your kids to see the birds.

Balance That Table

Store your old wooden spoons with your outdoor furniture.  You have no idea how useful the head of the spoon is for balancing out table legs when you decide to move a table out for dining on the lawn.  Just give it a go once and you will see how convenient and easy this method is.  It is also safer than balancing the leg on a rock as the length of the spoon provides more stability.  You may wonder how you lived without your outdoor wooden spoon.

Children's Toys

Of course you can always give your old wooden spoon to your kids (or you neighbor's kids).  They would also like your old pots and pans to bang on as well.  But they will certainly find something to do with an old spoon even if it doesn't come with the rest of the drum kit.  Ideas include mobiles, home plate markers, or even stakes for tents made of old sheets.  Really, kids have the very best ideas for old objects, so pass your old spoon on to a kid and ask him to tell you what he would use it for.

Learn to Whittle

If absolutely none of these ideas appeal to you and you are too stingy to give your old wooden spoon or to throw it away, then grab a pocket knife and teach yourself to whittle.  You never know, it could turn into a full-time hobby.  This means of course that you will soon go out of your way to stain your wooden spoons, just so you can replace them.