Things to do on an Airplane

So, you're doing some traveling? That's great! Except for being stuck on an airplane and in the airport - that can be quite dull and uneventful. You could be in for a dreadful day as you play the waiting game. Flight delays, crying babies and nausea- it all happens. But I have good news: there's a cure for this boredom. One option is to ditch the airports and go on a staycation. However, most of you want to go farther, so I'll tell you some pretty awesome things to do an airplane. I'm going to offer 15 serious tips on how to avoid boredom when travelling. Ready for take off?

  1. Read a book. Classic airplane activity, and for good reason. Get a book - a GOOD book. It doesn't matter if you get fiction or non-fiction. Search on for the cheapest prices and to see the bestsellers (Amazon link at right). Be engrossed by a good novel and the time will, quite literally, fly.
  2. Read a magazine. Some people may not like novels. I personally think you're missing out, but if you're resolute, at least read magazines. Wired, O, Popular Mechanics, American Scientist, Sports Illustrated, etc. - take your pick. Just choose a subject you're interested in and read it, cover to cover if possible.
  3. Read a newspaper. The New York Times, Globe and Mail (for Canadians) and local city newspapers are great choices. Oftentimes the airline will even hand them out free of charge. Or you could share with a fellow traveler (great conversation starter). Take advantage of the free, unstructured time to check up on what's happening in the world around you.
  4. Do a crossword, sodoku, or other game. Get those brain neurons firing with a mental game. These can consume lots of time.
  5. Listen to music. Slap on those headphones - preferably noise isolating headphones or noise cancelling headphones - and enter your music bubble. Headphone brands such as Bose are great. While listening, you can even close your eyes, or look out the window. Make sure you got all your favorite tunes loaded on the MP3 player. Use iTunes for a complete selection of music.
  6. Listen to an audiobook. or iTunes has a wide selection of audiobooks. This is a very relaxing activity. It requires less focus than reading and offers relaxation simultaneously. Grab a pillow to rest your head, press play, and watch the time go by.
  7. Talk to the passenger next to you. People are very interesting! Especially if the flight is a long haul, get to know other travellers. Work on your conversation skills at the same time.
  8. Eat and drink. A good meal is always pleasurable. Either pack a good hearty meal or purchase one. Then take the time to enjoy it, preferably with others. It's good to stay hydrated and eat well (see links for more information on healthy drinking and eating).
  9. Play cards. If you're travelling with friends or family, initiate a game of cards
  10. Play a handheld game. Pokemon is a classic example!
  11. Stretch. Get moving if you can on longer flights. Extended periods without activity can be taxing on your body. Even if you just do ankle circles, it counts.
  12. Watch a movie. Most flights now have in-flight entertainment screens. Pick a good movie and kiss away 1-2 hours.
  13. Sleep
  14. Meditate and relax
  15. Catch up on work, or if a student, study. Being on an airplane means few distractions. No e-mail, internet, or phones ringing. Take advantage.

Thanks for reading Things To Do on an Airplane. I hope you will keep busy your next flight!

What are things you do on an airplane? Please comment!